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Sorry have not been on , have had a lot of back pain.

I am working on getting me healthy.  I would love to know what you are all doing to get healthy too.

I spoke to Jon Pearlstone  aka  eet metabolicmemory yesterday. We are making some adjustments to my ,meal plan. I  am going to try to drink more green and more cinnamon apple tea less sugar.

Need to really amp up the roughage.    I am stuck on plateau and not moving as much. I am guilty of having diet soda. Yes  Jon let me know that can inhibit me from losing.

I am happy I am not gaining. Yes  that is huge.  Being immobile for the most part, going through the holidays…Yay that is great for me.

I am going to add more steamed veggies to my diet  love veggies, love em best slightly aldente’   do not need anything on em, but Jon has suggested that I use Kraft very low fat  ranch. To say that I could get bored with the same old stuff is true.  I do like the dressing, it is different. also like the diet wishbone, very low calories in that too.   I know now that I have to look at the preservatives in them, they can make us hold water too.

I am going to filter my water since on a water softener that is salt based.  It should have to remove the salt too imho.   Anyone with hypertension has to watch salt.  Salt is in everything. We have to drink a lot of water to flush it out.  I am going to be adding celery chopped to salads, soup etc, not only is it low calorie but it is one veggie that burns more calories than are in it. It stimulates our body furnace to burn calories.  Even the celery seeds help us all burn calories   Yay.  So tuna with celery, chicken,fish and celery, sounds like a plan right?  Right

Now with Jon’s plan   You have your heavy meals early in the day, lighter as you go, lightest is dinner, and yes you have the ability to use any   weight watchers, nutrisystem, oa, beachbody,isagenix,visalus, TSFL, or  any diet that you desire.       So that makes it easy for all of us.

If this can work for me you can do it to. I do not feel  starved,denied infact I feel more satisfied.

I know we can do this together if we try. So help each other support each other.  It does not matter if you have wls  ,follow mm and the drama or not.   Just be there for each other. Be kind.


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ೋ ❤❤❤~~Happy New Year 2011~~❤❤❤ ೋ
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Today is the end of a year. Tonight will be the beginning of the rest of my life and yours.

I have learned that by timing when I eat not letting myself get hungry , and eating better that I can lose weight and keep it off.

I have been doing a modified atkins, and found that by following Jon Pearlstone    Eet MetabolicMemory    on fb  and  his site,that I have lost 50 lbs, as of today kept off 48 .  I am on a plateau, but I know once I start to really start moving, and following the plan more carefully that will change.

I start in the morning  with coffee, about two hrs later coffee , breakfast  then pills.    Tea, my fav is cinnamon apple, or green tea is recommended between meals.  Lunch is about 3 hrs later,  I get to have pretty much what I want, but usually go for protein, and salad if i have it in house.  Dinner is lighter,   with the 2 earlier meals  being the heavier.    Protein for me is big, chicken or turkey maybe beef.     I do get to have snacks and  Jon says have what you want.

I have tried every diet available.  This is easier than any.   I have tried to use hi protein shakes when I was preparing for weight loss surgery.  I would have had that surgery if they did not close the program.   I like the idea of eggs for breakfast, turkey bacon, or ham easy on the fats.   We do need fats in our diet. Our body needs it to metabolize foods and break down proteins to some extent.  I do not have it like I used to.   I want to be healthy, and my body needs oils and fats, so I use them sparingly, and allow myself no guilt. Our body is complicated. We have to feed it , good food, drink water, and exercise.

I have corrupted my grandson  now.  I use solid white tuna in water, now he does not want any other tuna unless fresh.  Kids like the salad and glom ,yes glom  grammas goodies.  Hooray. Good stuff.

Now I have learned that its ok to have blueberries, strawberries, both good for us and what a treat.   I do need to get more in the house they disappear faster than I can find em…Yes the munchkins are at it.

So tonight ,there will not be  a party, but I am going to have chocolate ice cream. A treat  no guilt  a once a week thing or not  depending.  I have enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa the new swiss miss milk chocolate tastes like my all time favorite   Carnation.

As long as I do not feel deprived I am enjoying it. I know I have less than I used to of everything,because I get full.  Weird I did not know what full was.  Never felt stuffed.  Now I get satisfied if not full.  Big changes.

Lately I have not been really on program.   My back injury has just made me feel crummy. No excuses just a fact. My gift to me is going to be continuing this plan, and improving on me.  Between the steroidal cremes, etc I am holding some water, and not drinking enough ,but I am aware now and doing something about it.

I am also being nicer to me. I used to feel guilty about every bite I take, or if someone did not like me or what I said I felt bad really bad.  Now not so.  I used to put everyone before me. I  was taught to do that. I also fully got the story of the Samaritan from the Bible and it taught me a lot.

Some people will think I am judgemental, or other things. They do not matter any more.    This I am adding just because I am measuring my own growth.

You all have been blessings to me ,each in your own way  and I love you .

Happiest of New Years to you all,




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