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Dear Michelle, I was a member of the group. I did not enjoy the hate being spewed to be honest. If it were not the blogging lady and her pal doing the abuse speech, I must have missed something. I also have been on other sites and saw the same people doing the same thing. Most of the lady bloggers followers. aka blog followers let me clarify that are wonderful people. I was quite surprised that the lady blogger spoke the way she did. I had a high level of appreciation for all that she went through. When she started attacking Susan Maria Leach I was very surprised.

All the support groups I have attended spoke of never attacking anyone. I reciprocated in kind I admit out of total anger at being called fat,
old, etc. I had not given out the lady bloggers names but they sure did post mine. I thought that acting like a lady was proper. You have not read some of the emails. You have atleast read here what is posted. I give you credit for that.
I am a woman who does not back down easily. If I am wrong about something I certainly will apologize. I am sorry that you believe I am easily lead. I have not spewed hatred by any means. if you read all of the posts I am not fighting with these women. They are the aggressors. Of course any story can be spun in any direction. Again the written word can not carry forth the true meaning of my words.

I do not say that you or any of the lady bloggers ,friends or even she are evil. The people who follow her blog, do follow just as those who follow this blog. That does not mean they are without conscience, brains,attitude, knowledge, or talent. It simply stated means they follow her blog. I am glad that you have found support in the lady bloggers writing. While I do not agree with everything she or Mel have written, they have merit if they mean something to you, others, or the writers.
In case you have not noticed I have written about other things.

I also will include you ,the lady blogger, and Mel as well as all those who have been the target of animosity,hatred,and attacks for any reason in prayer . No one deserves to be mistreated.   I hope you will have an open minded approach to my opinions,as I have toward yours.

WLS is a very serious action to take. If you note my hesitancy has been caused by the death of 3 people in the program I was in. Their deaths has changed my opinion on wls. It indeed has been ingrained in me that this is a tool not a cure. It simply is not for some people. I know of two wonderful women who both have suffered greatly. One now no longer speaks to me since the lady blogger turned my words to her benefit. I do not know of anyone on this earth who is perfect. l simply believe that good will overcome. I keep trying to be kind and get burnt each time. That is ok, people should take some of what they read, and try to understand what the writer means. It would be nice if they did ,but I do not expect miracles.
I thank you for your prayers, and hope that you are wrong about my friends. I think most people change. In fact the lady blogger has changed imho. It appears that I am on the wrong side of the street for some. I will still be me, and try to do what is right. I will make mistakes, have some successes, and value all people.
I have stepped back . I no longer follow the blogging lady or several others that I deemed were important to me. In fact , this whole thing may have finished me off with regard to having wls. When I read the way the ladyblogger and friend have written about others, and that by me saying I was told no alcohol for wls patients and that liquid vitamins can help , causes the nasty notes I have received about that alcohol, it no longer seems valuable to me . If so many people are so miserable without alcohol, and vitamins, and foods that they eschew hate the way they have it makes it less desirable.
I always believed that opinions were just that. Now I am aware that was wrong. Never disagree with those who become famous even a little bit.
However, I have digressed. The issue is not what the lady blogger or her friends or blog followers believe any more. I did not invite them to this blog. Within 3 hrs of me posting here they and their friends started the attack. If you note I have not posted on the lady blogger’s forums either of them or Andrea’s either. It is clear who the aggressors are.
I admit openly had I not stood up to defend my friend this would not be an issue.

I also want to thank those who openly support my faith,hope and opinions that we can solve all problems together. For the many who have written in agreement with my views, Big Hugs.

I thank you for listening. May God bless you and all the WLS patients
healing, and big hugs,

grammasrunamuck aka Patti


Yes it is a long title , received from the fb app by the same name.   It is so appropriate for me.  I tend to be the kind of gal who lets others take pokes at me, lets it go.   Then a friend told me” Why do you let them do that to you?  You are a good person. God does not want you to let them go on attacking you.”   Wow that got my attention.

I heard today that the lady blogger and friend are harpooning me, lambasting me on fb.  She has called me names etc. ,told people I am crazy.  Does she not realize Libel is not a nice thing.

All I can say is that I am not going to speak with hate or animosity.  Those who know me, know I would not hurt anyone,casting this kind of hate is not good for them.  Those who unfriend me on fb. have the right to do so.  I also have that right. I do not have to be a target.  In fact those people who have attacked me should think before printing their hateful spiel.

It is their choice to act the way that they do.   I will just go on with my life. I am not posting on their pages, reading their pages.  Life is short. Life is one of love if you choose to make it that way.  Hate is an ugly word. The world has enough hate.  These 2 women eschew hate.  Their loss.

May God bless them according to His word.  May there be more love in the world than people can fathom. May peace,love,healing,joy,and grace abound to all of you.

grammasrunamuck/Patti    ❤



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