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Why is it if a person suggests that people who follow a blog are followers of an individual?

I guess that people think they are being chastised. Do they think that we mean they are not thinking for themselves? No, that is not the case. I simply mean that anyone who is regularly reading a blog is following that blog.

For some folks who blog they do it for monetary reasons.  Some want to be famous,appeal to a crowd who may boost their ego. Others like to blog to keep track of their progress. Still,others like blogging as a means to garner support and communicate their innermost feelings.

I do it for two of those reasons. It is not for money or to be famous. It is simply to have a venue to be honest with me and share with my friends.

I am going to do the best I can to let myself grow daily. I hope you will be with me. I enjoy hearing the joys of others, and hope that there are not too many lows for them, but will support them in any way I can.

I thank you all for being there for me. I am just a young gramma who is totally run amuck for the night.

With love to all,

grammasrunamuck aka Patti


Hi ho all.   It appears  my new name is CC2  in honor of  Susan Maria Nunziata Leach.

Someone alert the media.   For those of you who do not know Susan, she is CEO of BE, a  company Bariatric Eating.  Susan is a kind intelligent woman.

The woman who follows  the blogging lady has now named me cc2.   Well thanks,  I am a cupcake …

Not only has this lady misconstrued what I have written, but she is really upset with me.  I guess I have a different opinion from her, and she takes issue with it.

I have been accused of deleting her posts, when in fact they are so venomous imho that I chose not to approve them. I have them . They are public record.  I chose and still choose to play nice.  If that makes me weak or a bad  Christian,for not judging the person but deciding their behavior is not for me  too bad.   I answer to God. He is my final answer.

So if you wonder why I am not interested in fighting with them here is my answer.  Life is too short.  I need to take care of me. I choose not to answer the hate with hate.

So you two happy ladies can  do what you want. I have more to do in my life than have hissy fits.   You have cast stones at me. I will not repay you in kind.  I will try to do my best to take one day at a time.  I will not sit and whine and carry on.

Correction,   CC2  is for crazycakes 2    in honor of Laura B  Tvaroha.   I made a boo boo.     Sorry Laura,     I am still in great company.  SM,and Laura are my pals,and I enjoy their company.

I wish you the best.       grammasrunamuck/Patti



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