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I am reviewing my life today.

I do not do enough fun things. I tend to become engulfed in the needs of others.    I tend to push myself aside. I watch tv, I moderate kids fights, pet the dog, and basically ignore myself. I need to change that.   In fact  I am starting  with straightening the house to my liking,  I feel happier when the house is cleaner, prettier and the time is now to work on that. 

I am also working on me.  I am not finished yet.  God has a plan, I wish I knew what it was but I like surprises.

Hmm you say.   Yes truth be told I  am one of those folks who will bend over backwards to meet the needs of others.  ” Why”?    

I have always been the caretaker.  I think you are born that way.  I want to fix things, relieve pain and sorrow.  I want to make the world better, my family and friends happy, even acquaintances fit into the scope of those I care about.

Yes strangers are not strangers for long.    I am that one who would bring home a lost soul and have.   Yep  thats me.

Know what I have gotten from it?   LOVE.  Joy   , hope, kindness and the knowledge that I can make a difference even if its only a small thing.

Giving makes me happy .  Have you ever done  an RAOK.   Random Acts of Kindness are the best. I get giddy.   I have told someone when I did it not out of glory seeking  but out of my outrageous joy unbridled at doing something nice.

My mom always told me stop being so nice you will get hurt.  Yes she was right.   Dad always was nice to the wrong people.   He was well liked  but when he got sick and passed away where were they.?

I do not do good things to kiss up.  I do not do them to be remembered. I do them to make me happy.    Happy !   

I can not explain to you how good it feels when you make someone who is sad  happy.  

I can not explain all the ambulance rides  I gave  with patients who felt unhappy , sad, lost and alone. I do not want anyone to feel alone.   I want to help people know they are special and loved and give them hope. 

For a long time all I did was volunteer  now I can not do that anymore.   I wish I could.  I do know that by sharing Hope, Joy,Peace , Love and my Faith   maybe I can change the world a little.  Who does not want to change the world?   We can do it together   a little at a time.   

Live a life of simple joys. Bring your family and friends closer. Color in a coloring book, Take a bubble bath .  Blow bubbles, run your toes in the sand, do whatever makes you happy.

Simple joys cost nothing.   A smile, a hug, an offer to  help someone, be there to comfort someone and do something for you

Live a life of simple joys…..  .




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