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making some changes in my diet added a spirulina,protein shake  110 cal 14 g carb  with milk  190 cals. had it at lunch with egg, some meat  wanted to see if yesterday’s addition continues to make my spastic colon feel better.

Well  same as yesterday the change is making me feel lots better more energy, no more pain.  Have increased fluid intake too. After I had the shake I could feel the change. It has fiber in it too, of course. Stevia in it dried blueberries high in antioxidants.  Not as good as an icecream but I can get used to using it.

I called my friend darlene, and she giggled when I told her I feel better.

She suspects I have gut disbyosis, or gut leak  leaky gut something like that.  I told her I feel the difference in not just no pain but in the breaths too . like eating a peppermint pattie.  lol   with blueberries …hahah

Today I spoke to Kristen Hinze from Fb what a pleasure. Last Night it was fb pal Holly Naim.  I am so blessed with good friends.

I shared with Kristen that I did not feel comfy speaking on her page anymore since one of the stalking queens followed me there.

She had noticed the person and her negativity too.  I told her I would in box her and still be her friend no matter what.   Kristen is a wonderful gal, so like Ruth Rowe, Rev Penny and Mary Law to throw a few of my pals in the mix.

I love my fb friends like they are family. Some may say that I get too attached, but thats good. God has blessed me with wonderful friends. I may not have physically been in their presence, but they are in my heart.

I love hearing how well they are doing. Clarissa ,Laura,Jerry,Peter,Paul, Heather, each adds so much to my life.  My pal Sarah in England needs prayers for healing.  Sarah Wilkinson , you are a love.Dolores Mader a dear friend, needs prayers for healing from Liver cancer.Maureen Cumby and Alan Edwards also need prayers for health.  Donna Malley B,and Kristen Hinze need them as well.   So pray for each one and each other please.

I hope you each get to know each other and meet  jon pearlstone  aka     Eet Metabolic memory is my weight loss buddy, he has a blog here too. Met him on FB.

So many wonderful people on a weight loss journey, Nat,Shannah, Chauna,Kristin,Kristen h,Virginia Curtis, Christine Casanova, Terrea,lindy,and so many more  to make a few known to you all are amazing friends.

Make sure you tell those you love that you love them.

Let me know what you are doing to make you feel good,feel special.

I love you



I know  its the wrong spelling, but very appropriate.   Weight and wait both sound alike .   Both create obstacles for us.  Yet, they both can be overcome.

I have weight issues and am finally working on them no more waiting around for the right time.

I am relearning how to change my eating patterns.  Eet Metabolicmemory  on FB  has let me become aware that the time of day does    make a big difference in what,how much,why and where I eat.

When I was working I had to fit food around the needs of the company I worked for. Worked weird hrs for many years. That was detrimental to my health.

I also had to change my sleep pattern that also was not good for me. It was essential to work, but I wish that I could have changed the hrs and the times I had to eat and sleep.

Over 20 yrs of bad timing of meals, lack of sleep , stress, all are bad for anyone.   It is clear I need to come to terms with that.  I am working on it.

I am surrounding myself with wonderful people, some nearby ,some only a phone call away.   We all have to help each other learn to get healthy,to love each other and ourselves.  I am learning every day something new.

Today and yesterday I have been shown by Joyce Meyer   on   that   what I say is self prophecy.  Instead of me saying  I can not, or I have to wait…aha  that wait again change must happen.   I must change the words to be positive,  I will be happy, I will conquer the numbers on the scale, I can instead of can’t   will instead of won’t,  and I want instead of maybe if.

How many of us do that?  I bet there are a lot of folks just like me, who put others first, then forget what fun is, forget what it is to be , just be.

I am working hard on trying to find out who I am   ,I thank God for each of you.


Sorry have not been on , have had a lot of back pain.

I am working on getting me healthy.  I would love to know what you are all doing to get healthy too.

I spoke to Jon Pearlstone  aka  eet metabolicmemory yesterday. We are making some adjustments to my ,meal plan. I  am going to try to drink more green and more cinnamon apple tea less sugar.

Need to really amp up the roughage.    I am stuck on plateau and not moving as much. I am guilty of having diet soda. Yes  Jon let me know that can inhibit me from losing.

I am happy I am not gaining. Yes  that is huge.  Being immobile for the most part, going through the holidays…Yay that is great for me.

I am going to add more steamed veggies to my diet  love veggies, love em best slightly aldente’   do not need anything on em, but Jon has suggested that I use Kraft very low fat  ranch. To say that I could get bored with the same old stuff is true.  I do like the dressing, it is different. also like the diet wishbone, very low calories in that too.   I know now that I have to look at the preservatives in them, they can make us hold water too.

I am going to filter my water since on a water softener that is salt based.  It should have to remove the salt too imho.   Anyone with hypertension has to watch salt.  Salt is in everything. We have to drink a lot of water to flush it out.  I am going to be adding celery chopped to salads, soup etc, not only is it low calorie but it is one veggie that burns more calories than are in it. It stimulates our body furnace to burn calories.  Even the celery seeds help us all burn calories   Yay.  So tuna with celery, chicken,fish and celery, sounds like a plan right?  Right

Now with Jon’s plan   You have your heavy meals early in the day, lighter as you go, lightest is dinner, and yes you have the ability to use any   weight watchers, nutrisystem, oa, beachbody,isagenix,visalus, TSFL, or  any diet that you desire.       So that makes it easy for all of us.

If this can work for me you can do it to. I do not feel  starved,denied infact I feel more satisfied.

I know we can do this together if we try. So help each other support each other.  It does not matter if you have wls  ,follow mm and the drama or not.   Just be there for each other. Be kind.


Yes it is a long title , received from the fb app by the same name.   It is so appropriate for me.  I tend to be the kind of gal who lets others take pokes at me, lets it go.   Then a friend told me” Why do you let them do that to you?  You are a good person. God does not want you to let them go on attacking you.”   Wow that got my attention.

I heard today that the lady blogger and friend are harpooning me, lambasting me on fb.  She has called me names etc. ,told people I am crazy.  Does she not realize Libel is not a nice thing.

All I can say is that I am not going to speak with hate or animosity.  Those who know me, know I would not hurt anyone,casting this kind of hate is not good for them.  Those who unfriend me on fb. have the right to do so.  I also have that right. I do not have to be a target.  In fact those people who have attacked me should think before printing their hateful spiel.

It is their choice to act the way that they do.   I will just go on with my life. I am not posting on their pages, reading their pages.  Life is short. Life is one of love if you choose to make it that way.  Hate is an ugly word. The world has enough hate.  These 2 women eschew hate.  Their loss.

May God bless them according to His word.  May there be more love in the world than people can fathom. May peace,love,healing,joy,and grace abound to all of you.

grammasrunamuck/Patti    ❤



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