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This past week   I lost one of my dearest friends  Dolores Mader of Walkill NY>

We met in Queens  when we were members of a volunteer   ambulance corps.   It was the most wonderful experience in my life. Giving help to those who needed help.  It was one experience that changed me for the better.

When you volunteer and help others    you do not realize  the experience  brings you full circle to the spot where  you begin.

When you do this you  make friends  with the most amazing, loving,  gifted  people  that God has given you.  These people will move heaven hell and earth, for you.   They will be your friend , confidant, mom,dad,sister or brother.

Dolores was that  for me.  She and her husband Paul Mader and kids will forever be family to me.

We had both just had miscarriages when we got really close.    Dolores would be the driver  and I the emt.  We would be on call while the kids were in school.  We had shared our lives and most private moments and thoughts.

I could never ask for a better friend.      I could never ask for anyone more loyal and trustworthy.

For many years Dolores served at her church, and many other organizations.

Now God called her home.

She  battled cancer for four years.      She is now victorious over  life.   God has her with him.   I know she is looking down on  her family today.

Paul and his family are  so brave    Becca their youngest daughter is getting married today to Dan .  Mom will watch from Heaven.

Her body is earthbound   Her soul is with them.  She is free  now  to praise God, be healthy and happy with Him.

God is so good.   He  BRINGS   people together for a reason.

It seems  Dolores taught me a lot.   Real Love, Hope,Joy.     Those gifts will be with me forever.

I pray that   each of you   take that friendship  when offered  .   It is  a Gift  you do  Not want to miss…..   Patti,  aka  grammasrunamuck


I am so amazed at the wonderful friends I have.  I have many  fb friends, many  friends that I have been blessed with through the years   .

Each of those people are truly special, each has qualities that I find amazing.  Some are close by,some I have not seen in a long time, but I LOVE  so much.  I have some that I have not yet met physically, but speak to so often I know them so dearly.

I am grateful for each of them and for the opportunity to know them

One of them is a gal in England.  She is strong and funny, sweet and loving. Yet, she can be raucous and outrageous.

Sarah is amazing, she makes me laugh, and I would love to meet her when she comes to NY.      She is one of several of my pagan friends.  We differ in some things, again age, faiths, locations, but I would not trade her for the world.  She sure makes me laugh with her quick wit.   My English family would be pleased that I have friends back home so to speak.  My family may be all over the place,but family,friends and home are very important to each of us.

I would love to one day see Europe, visit England,Ireland,and Germany for certain. Those place are lovely, but   a friend is more lovely to me.    I read that Sarah may visit NY   and am so hoping to touch bases with her.  She is one pal I know that knows friendship can pass time,location, and faith.     I would love to be a little more like her  that red haired gal.

Sarah let me know when you are on your way….hugs from across the pond…..grammasrunamuck/Patti



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