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I remember so many things that have left  us  for parts unknown.  

It almost seems that good manners, is the biggest.  How can we show respect for others if we do not know how to be kind and use good manners?      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It seems that I hold the door for others, very few reciprocate or say thank you.

For some people   I think they either are very uneducated,  shy,  or are just  ignorant of the courtesy we should show each other.  

I would not like to think they  choose not to say a simple thank you.   For me its not a big deal.

A good representation of this happened to a member of my family today.   Shopping at a local department store   some person reached into her basket and helped themselves to items in her basket.   Then to top it off another woman   grabbed 2 2qt pitchers   and walked away.  Now of  course she was astonished.   She put her hand over her items and said these are my   items.  

One almost wonders  were they on  candid camera.     I have no explanation for this.  It seems people are totally engrossed in their own desires.

I was at the store the other day, a shopper behind me had 2 items.   The shopper in front of me had 300.00 dollars worth of shopping.   I offered the person behind me to go ahead.  One would do that  for others …I would think.       Next to us a new line opened.  What a flurry of people  running to the newly opened register.

Good heavens  it is not a  wild party, nor is it free money.   Why not give the next guy a break.   

Has life gotten to the point that  we must  be the one taken care of NOW?      I just do not see it that way.

I have seen people cut me off for a spot, give me the finger,and cuss me out when I was waiting for a spot blinker on  being patient.

There have been times  that I would get upset  and argue.  Now  its just not any challenge.

I find it more challenging to be nice, let them have a break,and to just let it be

My husband rest his soul   taught me that.    I was that nervous woman fighting the  behavior  not having peace.    He never let it bother him.

Other things did bother him.  He was very quiet, the opposite of this wild woman.    

I am firmly the type that has to fix things.   

Now as I look around I realize that things are not easily fixed if you let them frustrate you.

I see now that the joy of life can be sucked out of you by an employer, fellow employee, a relative, neighbor , friend or acquaintance if you let them.

I have learned that the way things were when I was a kid  have changed.   It is not  the Happy Days.  It is not Mayberry.  It is not  I love Lucy either.  The days of those shows and  Bachelor Father, My Little Margie, Hazel, Lassie and all the rest  are still in my heart and my head.

They and church and my parents shaped me.  I choose  to be the  Hazel type.   I choose to want the life in Mayberry.

Yes call me a dreamer.  The days of the Beverly Hillbillies,  Oh Susanna, Petticoat Junction each taught me something .  

They taught me to love my neighbors, lean on them, and laugh.   Those shows  taught me fairness.  

As a kid we played  in Queens .We were out   on the sidewalks in parks ,back yards  and  being nice was easier.

As a kid we were handed a bar of soap   told go out  play in the rain by our moms.  Yes Middle Village Queens was a lot of fun.  The schoolyard was where we played on weekends after homework.

Yes  we did our homework and did not talk back.   If you did get into trouble someone’s mom or dad was there to help or correct you.  If you got corrected by someone else mom and dad found out and you would catch it again.  We learned manners, good behavior by example .   

Sometimes it was a scout leader,sunday school teacher, school teacher or neighbor doing the teaching. 

In any event you learned. 

Today it seems that the young adults do not learn,   they do insane things, hurt each other and themselves. It seems there are no rules.  Kids need rules.  

Stop letting little kids talk back, get into booze, run wild and  be rude.   It is high time that they learn   from shows like Davey and Goliath, Mayberry Rfd, Lassie, The Lone Ranger, and the old cartoons.

Now its   the new cartoons full of sex and violence parents let them watch.    Those are not cartoons for children nor adults either.

So yes   they were the days    my friend I thought they would never end…..  to quote a favorite song.

You can recreate those days  make life special for kids and yes even you….

Just do it keep up the good in the world……… for me


I think it is making a change in my gut…lol , I will ease up a little though on it for a day or two. I feel that bloaty feeling. My friend Darlene said it would happen.Yes she is right. She said that as the good stuff kills off the yeast in the system I would feel bloated.   Gassy is not a fun thing, but she has been right about everything in diet. Yes   She Told me so….

I appreciate all of my friends. Each of them special,love em all.

My body is so surprised I think  that it is in shock.   It is saying what is she doing now…hmmmm    lol

making some changes in my diet added a spirulina,protein shake  110 cal 14 g carb  with milk  190 cals. had it at lunch with egg, some meat  wanted to see if yesterday’s addition continues to make my spastic colon feel better.

Well  same as yesterday the change is making me feel lots better more energy, no more pain.  Have increased fluid intake too. After I had the shake I could feel the change. It has fiber in it too, of course. Stevia in it dried blueberries high in antioxidants.  Not as good as an icecream but I can get used to using it.

I called my friend darlene, and she giggled when I told her I feel better.

She suspects I have gut disbyosis, or gut leak  leaky gut something like that.  I told her I feel the difference in not just no pain but in the breaths too . like eating a peppermint pattie.  lol   with blueberries …hahah

Today I spoke to Kristen Hinze from Fb what a pleasure. Last Night it was fb pal Holly Naim.  I am so blessed with good friends.

I shared with Kristen that I did not feel comfy speaking on her page anymore since one of the stalking queens followed me there.

She had noticed the person and her negativity too.  I told her I would in box her and still be her friend no matter what.   Kristen is a wonderful gal, so like Ruth Rowe, Rev Penny and Mary Law to throw a few of my pals in the mix.

I love my fb friends like they are family. Some may say that I get too attached, but thats good. God has blessed me with wonderful friends. I may not have physically been in their presence, but they are in my heart.

I love hearing how well they are doing. Clarissa ,Laura,Jerry,Peter,Paul, Heather, each adds so much to my life.  My pal Sarah in England needs prayers for healing.  Sarah Wilkinson , you are a love.Dolores Mader a dear friend, needs prayers for healing from Liver cancer.Maureen Cumby and Alan Edwards also need prayers for health.  Donna Malley B,and Kristen Hinze need them as well.   So pray for each one and each other please.

I hope you each get to know each other and meet  jon pearlstone  aka     Eet Metabolic memory is my weight loss buddy, he has a blog here too. Met him on FB.

So many wonderful people on a weight loss journey, Nat,Shannah, Chauna,Kristin,Kristen h,Virginia Curtis, Christine Casanova, Terrea,lindy,and so many more  to make a few known to you all are amazing friends.

Make sure you tell those you love that you love them.

Let me know what you are doing to make you feel good,feel special.

I love you


I know  its the wrong spelling, but very appropriate.   Weight and wait both sound alike .   Both create obstacles for us.  Yet, they both can be overcome.

I have weight issues and am finally working on them no more waiting around for the right time.

I am relearning how to change my eating patterns.  Eet Metabolicmemory  on FB  has let me become aware that the time of day does    make a big difference in what,how much,why and where I eat.

When I was working I had to fit food around the needs of the company I worked for. Worked weird hrs for many years. That was detrimental to my health.

I also had to change my sleep pattern that also was not good for me. It was essential to work, but I wish that I could have changed the hrs and the times I had to eat and sleep.

Over 20 yrs of bad timing of meals, lack of sleep , stress, all are bad for anyone.   It is clear I need to come to terms with that.  I am working on it.

I am surrounding myself with wonderful people, some nearby ,some only a phone call away.   We all have to help each other learn to get healthy,to love each other and ourselves.  I am learning every day something new.

Today and yesterday I have been shown by Joyce Meyer   on   that   what I say is self prophecy.  Instead of me saying  I can not, or I have to wait…aha  that wait again change must happen.   I must change the words to be positive,  I will be happy, I will conquer the numbers on the scale, I can instead of can’t   will instead of won’t,  and I want instead of maybe if.

How many of us do that?  I bet there are a lot of folks just like me, who put others first, then forget what fun is, forget what it is to be , just be.

I am working hard on trying to find out who I am   ,I thank God for each of you.


╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╗
ೋ ❤❤❤~~Happy New Year 2011~~❤❤❤ ೋ
╚═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╝
❤♫❤♫❤.•*¨`*•..¸☼ ¸.•*¨`*•.♫❤♫❤♫❤.

Today is the end of a year. Tonight will be the beginning of the rest of my life and yours.

I have learned that by timing when I eat not letting myself get hungry , and eating better that I can lose weight and keep it off.

I have been doing a modified atkins, and found that by following Jon Pearlstone    Eet MetabolicMemory    on fb  and  his site,that I have lost 50 lbs, as of today kept off 48 .  I am on a plateau, but I know once I start to really start moving, and following the plan more carefully that will change.

I start in the morning  with coffee, about two hrs later coffee , breakfast  then pills.    Tea, my fav is cinnamon apple, or green tea is recommended between meals.  Lunch is about 3 hrs later,  I get to have pretty much what I want, but usually go for protein, and salad if i have it in house.  Dinner is lighter,   with the 2 earlier meals  being the heavier.    Protein for me is big, chicken or turkey maybe beef.     I do get to have snacks and  Jon says have what you want.

I have tried every diet available.  This is easier than any.   I have tried to use hi protein shakes when I was preparing for weight loss surgery.  I would have had that surgery if they did not close the program.   I like the idea of eggs for breakfast, turkey bacon, or ham easy on the fats.   We do need fats in our diet. Our body needs it to metabolize foods and break down proteins to some extent.  I do not have it like I used to.   I want to be healthy, and my body needs oils and fats, so I use them sparingly, and allow myself no guilt. Our body is complicated. We have to feed it , good food, drink water, and exercise.

I have corrupted my grandson  now.  I use solid white tuna in water, now he does not want any other tuna unless fresh.  Kids like the salad and glom ,yes glom  grammas goodies.  Hooray. Good stuff.

Now I have learned that its ok to have blueberries, strawberries, both good for us and what a treat.   I do need to get more in the house they disappear faster than I can find em…Yes the munchkins are at it.

So tonight ,there will not be  a party, but I am going to have chocolate ice cream. A treat  no guilt  a once a week thing or not  depending.  I have enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa the new swiss miss milk chocolate tastes like my all time favorite   Carnation.

As long as I do not feel deprived I am enjoying it. I know I have less than I used to of everything,because I get full.  Weird I did not know what full was.  Never felt stuffed.  Now I get satisfied if not full.  Big changes.

Lately I have not been really on program.   My back injury has just made me feel crummy. No excuses just a fact. My gift to me is going to be continuing this plan, and improving on me.  Between the steroidal cremes, etc I am holding some water, and not drinking enough ,but I am aware now and doing something about it.

I am also being nicer to me. I used to feel guilty about every bite I take, or if someone did not like me or what I said I felt bad really bad.  Now not so.  I used to put everyone before me. I  was taught to do that. I also fully got the story of the Samaritan from the Bible and it taught me a lot.

Some people will think I am judgemental, or other things. They do not matter any more.    This I am adding just because I am measuring my own growth.

You all have been blessings to me ,each in your own way  and I love you .

Happiest of New Years to you all,


Today I learned a lot. I learned that some think I am a hate mongering , anti, everything kind of girl. I learned that via an email.   Funny they all seem to be friends of a certain woman.  The fact that they both are friends of hers means I have struck a nerve.

Well to the former friend of mine. I wish you well. I do not have to listen to vile words, and or accusations.  I am just going to do what is expected of me.  I am going to let go and let God.  I will not expect to have you think of me well. You have judged me wrongly, according to the set of your rules.  That is o.k.  I will still be kind to you and still turn my cheek as that is what I am supposed to do.  I did block you as you made it clear what your feelings are and that  you wanted no contact.   I will not attack you  in any forum.   In fact I am not upset in the least. I thank you for all you taught me.

As for the other attacker aka stalker, what ever you wish to be called.  I will not post anything you write here any longer,it just encourages you to  participate in slap and tickle.   You say you are a professional writer, well considering the attitude you have shown and lack of restraint in your emails to me. I doubt that very much.

It does appear that every word I write will be criticized and taken out of context.  For those people  again I say  I am not attacking you , I am not going to your blogs, and I really do not give one iota of respect to you any longer.

While I am able to make people angry easily that is not my wish.

I do not want to cause a ruckus, I may be wrong sometimes, but I do not try to make them mad. I will also admit my own faults. When I state an opinion, for some reason people think that is the final word. No it is not.

The final word is that of our Father.

When I say enough, and I wish you blessing it means that truly. I do not wish anyone harm.

I have decided that for my own health and sanity that those who do not like me or my opinions can choose their own path in life. I will not be a part of it. That is fine and dandy. All the world’s people are different. I do not know of any pure people.   God made us all.    We are all His children.

I know the written word does not include the complete feeling of the writer, and I am not going to get into  the fights or semantics.   So that is what I learned so far.  I DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER BACK.  (whooee)   I learned something.   No guilt.  That is a lot for me.   Usually I would feel terrible. Now its ok. Had my guilt for a minute then it was gone. I learned that learning and  growth  are both good..Growth is good.  Very good.

I have also learned that by blogging and speaking my mind that I see the humanity of others.  I will learn not to put me last. I count.  That is a big thing for me. BIG.

So now  learning and growing  with the help of my friends,I thank you all for the love and support.


Why is it if a person suggests that people who follow a blog are followers of an individual?

I guess that people think they are being chastised. Do they think that we mean they are not thinking for themselves? No, that is not the case. I simply mean that anyone who is regularly reading a blog is following that blog.

For some folks who blog they do it for monetary reasons.  Some want to be famous,appeal to a crowd who may boost their ego. Others like to blog to keep track of their progress. Still,others like blogging as a means to garner support and communicate their innermost feelings.

I do it for two of those reasons. It is not for money or to be famous. It is simply to have a venue to be honest with me and share with my friends.

I am going to do the best I can to let myself grow daily. I hope you will be with me. I enjoy hearing the joys of others, and hope that there are not too many lows for them, but will support them in any way I can.

I thank you all for being there for me. I am just a young gramma who is totally run amuck for the night.

With love to all,

grammasrunamuck aka Patti



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