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I pray that each of you spends this holiday contemplating your blessings, hopes,joys, and desires.

I ask that each of you pray for those in need of the basics,love,housing,food,the knowledge that they are loved.

So many people feel unloved , or worthless,  Pray for them , help  them whether by thought ,word or deed.  Each of us can make a difference.

God I ask for the protection of our troops. Let our leaders realize that they are people too. Let them be freed from Leavenworth, and honored not punished for following not just orders, but for protecting themselves and us.   Guide and protect those in dangers way.   Honor to those who have given me and you the life we have.   Joy to those who are sad. Hope to all.   Glory to God in the highest.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah,    Peace on earth




I was on FB today and u can guess  what I found.   The care bears left a surprise for me.    I have a new persona    a red care bear with hearts on it. and so do Laura and DIDI,     we are care bears… how cute

The stalker drama seems to be calming down. Good. I am not stalking anyone , not being mean, calling names, just being the person I am expected to be.  Human.  I do not believe in being rude,crude or anything similar. I know I can be downright mean if I want to but that is something I will not do.  I have enough stuff thrown at me everyday ,like everyone else does. Why should I be mean?  It won’t fix any problems, cure any issues, do anything positive.

Anger and hate are just not worth my time.  Christ did not succumb to anger,hostile behavior.  I think the only time he appeared angry and distraught was when he was in the Temple and encountered the money changers, the vendors, and those defaming God.    If He could go through all he did buying my sins away, then surely I can ignore the harassment, and ignorance of two women who obviously do not have the capability to walk the walk.

Thank you all for your love and support. Thank you for your  patience and not attacking the cyber bullies.   I am proud of you all.

with love,



Allelujiah , the Lord our Messiah’s birth celebration draws nigh.

This is a season of love. We are to love our neighbors, as ourselves.   The feast of His birth should be filled with joy.

There are so many people who do not even have a roof over their heads, food on their tables, clothes to wear,no medical care,jobs or family to be with.

Yet some of us seem so full of ourselves that we can just create havoc. I do not get this.  We do not know each other, how we live, what the pain in our lives is. We do not know the humbleness or beauty of the spirit of the one we attack.

The fact of the matter is that we are all people, we bleed when cut, die without love,suffer when we are hurt.

I pray that all people receive the blessings they need to accomplish the desires of their hearts and souls.  I ask God to bless my enemies, as they are His children too.   I am not being holier than thou, rather I have learned in my life that there are many more important things than me.

I do need to learn that I am valuable, and have to learn that it is ok not to be the answer to everyone’s problems. I do need to learn to take care of me for a change.

I have to admit that I would still reach out to  help my detractor’s. That is my nature. I have been bitten by the good Samaritan bug.  When we learned that in Sunday School,  I knew what it felt to be the injured person. I knew I could help those around me, and not let the other person down.  I am far from perfect, and I still try to be a good person. I will not let anyone take that away from me.

The truth in the world is that some people prefer to be sheep and be lead. Others will be leaders, whether  they want to be or not.  They take the initiative to do for others and show the world that love does exist.

They have the faith in their fellow human being. They believe as I do that most people are good. I want to believe that, so I choose that path.

I will not let anyone change the way I behave toward others or that I believe people are good.   I am responsible for myself.  That is enough for any one person to deal with.

“I pray that all who read this blog will be blessed by God.

I pray that peace enters their hearts and minds. I pray for my enemies that they will know forgiveness.   I pray that I can be the woman God wants me to be. I am a work in progress. amen”

I am looking forward to  a good day. I am hoping everyone has the joy in it  that is brought by our Lord.  In many ways I have much to be thankful, some things that make me think why am I here.

I am human, I love God, country family and friends.  I am fortunate that my friends are really supportive. Even when I have a bad day they make me smile.

I am an avid Joyce Meyer,James and Betty Robison,Creflo Dollar,John Hagee,and sometime Kenneth Copeland viewer.  I find it refreshing to hear His word from different viewpoints, yet they all lead to peace through God and His son Jesus Christ.

I am trying to get my weight moving again. Due to a back and neck injury I have been moving less this past week.  I am going to try to tough through it today.

I am going to try to figure out how to really knock more weight off.  If I were to consider surgery for  weight loss I still would have to lose the weight. So , I may as well keep working on it.

I am no where near the folks on tv with huge weight to lose , like the man in Mexico , or the Man in Texas.  I have seen people in my weight category have wls and die.

Tlc, and  Discovery Health have shown it is dangerous.   Any surgery has dangers.  I have spent a lot of time on consultations,counseling,learning, and talking to people who have had or will have  roux n y  ,lap band, and now the sleeve.

None of these are a cure. They are tools. They when they are working properly can save lives.  I am thrilled for those who have had or will have surgery that will succeed.

Not all wls patients have great results. Some folks do not recover well at all,  they develop side effects,ie malnutrition or absorption, digestive problems and worse.

Some of my friends fit into this category.  I honor them for their courage,strength and the ability to face formidable obstacles to living.

Others struggle to find what works for them.  Just like in life no two people are alike.    I have been following some interesting  wls forums and do see many success stories.

After my weightloss surgery was canceled a few yrs ago one week pre surgery, I have been trying to weigh the importance and correctness for me.  Three women in the program died. Yes they died , one we were told was not  honest with her doctor about meds she was on, and hid certain things from him.   Our wls support group was really surprised that the program closed.  The hospital did not feel it was willing to continue it.     I did go to a teaching hospital after that, but felt like the program was not for me. I am more than a number. It was ok for students to be involved. I felt like a statistic it was cold, and the support was not there.

Now I really am questioning myself and this type of surgery.  About half the people who I know that have had the surgery have regained significant weight,and still yoyo.   We have been taught this is a tool. Not a cure.

I know I say that a lot.  It is ingrained into me.    Like the Serenity  Prayer. Like the al anon belief  , I can not change,cure or fix the world, I can work on me to be the best me.

Some people think I want to cure wls patients   well  yes, I would like to remove that pain from their life. It is not being judgemental, just that I know the pain, and do not want anyone to suffer.

So if that makes me be a bad Christian, a bad woman,an old woman  tough.  I am who I am, and I will be the person who is kind.  This does not mean I am weak,judgemental,ignorant,or afraid to answer anyone to stand up for  me.  It means that I will not lower my standards for my behavior.

I will not fight with someone who judges me. I will leave it in His hands, and go on and see if I can help someone else.  I will stand up for Christ, and my friends, and yes me.  I am a good person with many imperfections. Many.  I do have the audacity to say what is on my mind and heart.

I will not get into bashing another person to make me feel good about me.   That would make me sick and unhappy.

Life is too short. For those of you who have lost a loved one,you know what I mean.  Life flies by, you have to grab it and hold on to it, allow those near you to do their own growing, and be responsible for you.

Hope you have  a blessed day.   Love your enemies,keep them close,and be careful. Life is too short for drama.

with love,   grammasrunamuck/Patti





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