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I pray that each of you spends this holiday contemplating your blessings, hopes,joys, and desires.

I ask that each of you pray for those in need of the basics,love,housing,food,the knowledge that they are loved.

So many people feel unloved , or worthless,  Pray for them , help  them whether by thought ,word or deed.  Each of us can make a difference.

God I ask for the protection of our troops. Let our leaders realize that they are people too. Let them be freed from Leavenworth, and honored not punished for following not just orders, but for protecting themselves and us.   Guide and protect those in dangers way.   Honor to those who have given me and you the life we have.   Joy to those who are sad. Hope to all.   Glory to God in the highest.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah,    Peace on earth




Hi everyone, its 2 days til Christmas.    Yay!

Today the kids are all here, school is out, kids excited . I  am thinking  wow so much to do yet. My back has been out a couple of weeks now.

Sciatica is not fun. This is the worst attack I have had since the car accident that damaged my neck and back.  Yet, I am still hopeful that by reducing my weight the pain will diminish.


I am looking at the Christmas tree thinking that over the years I have collected so many ornaments . I have given 2/3 away  to my kids that I saved for them and still have a bunch.

It still amazes me that there are this many.  Yes, I have my moms and love them dearly.  I am remembering all the times as a kid we decorated the tree.

Some of those were teeny tiny little trees we bought at the A &P  or Bohack’s grocery stores  in Queens, N.Y.   Those little trees mirrored our apartments.  We lived in basement apartments at times, others in Middle Village in 2 rooms.  We did not have tons of things, but I cherish those days.

Those trees to me were amazing. We would decorate them with the tiny ornaments, and I remember they were sprayed to prevent fires. They had bits of flocking on them like snow. Mom would put the lights on after much testing and frustration,it usually meant a trip to the avenue.

We would go buy new light bulbs, since they were so fragile.  I loved the look of the German Bubble lights.  Mom said she had them when she was little.  She loved those lights, and the star on the tree. It lit up the star of Bethlehem.  It was white and silver with sparkles on it and backlit by one white bulb.  Made of plastic, surrounded with a reflector of cardboard covered in foil in the shape mimicking that star.

That star meant a lot to mom and so did the ornaments.  They were the one stable thing in her life.  Mom grew up ,a child from a broken home.  Her parents divorced,she was shoved from home to home, wound up with her German grandpa Reuss, and her dad. Her mom and her family very English and proper were too busy to be there for her or her brother.  If not for mom’s grandpa and aunt Lulu, she would not have had any stability.

Times were hard in the depression. Mom spoke of an orange as a gift, a potato roasted in the streets for a nickel, called a Mickey.  It was a treat to go to the movie theater.  Movies were a way to escape the pain in people’s lives.  Church was a place to gain comfort,knowledge and love.

Families were hard  pressed to make ends meet. More often there were 3 generations living in an apt together.  Somehow they managed. Clothes bought at the local stores on the Avenue   were rare indeed. It was pass down the shoes,clothes even though they did not fit right.

This was a real shock to my grandmother Florence.  Her family lived in a mansion on Bushwick avenue.  I think that had a lot to do with the breakup of her marriage.

My grandpa George was a hard working handsome man. His mother and father emigrated from Germany.  Hard working people. Family always was very important to them.  When his mom died  the younger sister lived with the oldest sister and her husband. They hung in there for the long haul. Struggled fought like all families.

I can see the correlation between what the families of the depression went through and what the people of today are experiencing.

I am very thoughtful today, missing my husband,mom,dad,grandparents,and friends who have passed .

I am thinking of the families without homes,food ,lonely, without the basics.

Please pray for them won’t you?

I hope you all have a blessed day and weekend.  Enjoy all you have, relish the memories, share your blessings.

Thank you for sharing with me.




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