Family Search

Posted on: January 19, 2017

After over 20 years of searching for the parents of William Rairden aka  Raridin,Rariden, Rardin    I swear   I am not going to quit.

How someone can be born  , live and have a family, but have no birth record is beyond me.

I recently visited Eugene Paul Rairden and his wife Rebecca  in NC.   I am amazed how much he looks like his dad.  Uncle Gene Rairden was my dad’s uncle and  dad admired him.

Most of the older Rairden men were at least 6 foot tall.  Gene aka Eugene P  is well over that.   I see many family resemblances in him and my daddy  Adam Byron Rairden jr.

Gene, has been supportive and also is trying to solve the Rairden mysteries.   Who was   John Rairden, and did he or his father fight in the Irish Revolt….

Hmmm seems like I may have my mojo back.

For now this can whet your whistle….   May God bless and protect our nation and all who dwell within. Patti





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