Ask directions.

Posted on: July 11, 2013

When I visit Lowe’s   I also  remember to  ask  for help with  whatever I am buying.  It is important to know that the  product you buy is really meant for the project you are planning.

I have found that the Lowe’s employees know more about the items than the instructions allude to . Most of the instructions are unclear  or parts of important steps are  left out.  

Through trial and error the associates at Lowe’s always come to the rescue.  Each one has different experience with the items  but they all  know who to ask who has used that item.  It is wonderful knowing that the item I am buying  has been tried by others and what the results are.

I have never had the occasion to be disappointed by the  instructions given by the Lowe’s  associates.    I have found them to know the shortcuts, the proper techniques not shown on the packages.  

Lowe’s  offers you the opportunity to have an associate  teach you the techniques needed to tile, paint, caulk, fix a toilet,  install a  sink, use a tool, and  even decorate your home  with wallpaper, carpet and windows.  

The associates also know when  its time to offer  installation services.   I am not able to install a waterheater on my own , though some may be able to.

Knowing that is a  plus.    They know the products, services , techniques and even are permitted to voice an opinion  .  Yippee  that is refreshing.    Other stores  refrain from that.   I like it.  It shows me the corporation, store management and the   employees really care about what they sell.  I have not run into a unhappy Lowe’s customer yet.

There are always cranky people, and yes the associates sometimes have a rough day of it, and so do I. 

I really enjoy shopping there.  

I hope one day to run into one of the Kitchen, Bath,Yard Crashers  there.   I do have the ugliest  kitchen,bath and yard around  . I admit it

That would make this Lowe’s diva very happy.    Imagine redoing my kitchen ,bath or yard with the special folks who do wonders with the items Lowe’s furnishes for their shows.  

Wow  Happy  does not even come  close…. Maybe one day   I will  be ecstatic….lol    

So for now   its  Lowe’s dreaming for me….


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