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I remember so many things that have left  us  for parts unknown.  

It almost seems that good manners, is the biggest.  How can we show respect for others if we do not know how to be kind and use good manners?      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It seems that I hold the door for others, very few reciprocate or say thank you.

For some people   I think they either are very uneducated,  shy,  or are just  ignorant of the courtesy we should show each other.  

I would not like to think they  choose not to say a simple thank you.   For me its not a big deal.

A good representation of this happened to a member of my family today.   Shopping at a local department store   some person reached into her basket and helped themselves to items in her basket.   Then to top it off another woman   grabbed 2 2qt pitchers   and walked away.  Now of  course she was astonished.   She put her hand over her items and said these are my   items.  

One almost wonders  were they on  candid camera.     I have no explanation for this.  It seems people are totally engrossed in their own desires.

I was at the store the other day, a shopper behind me had 2 items.   The shopper in front of me had 300.00 dollars worth of shopping.   I offered the person behind me to go ahead.  One would do that  for others …I would think.       Next to us a new line opened.  What a flurry of people  running to the newly opened register.

Good heavens  it is not a  wild party, nor is it free money.   Why not give the next guy a break.   

Has life gotten to the point that  we must  be the one taken care of NOW?      I just do not see it that way.

I have seen people cut me off for a spot, give me the finger,and cuss me out when I was waiting for a spot blinker on  being patient.

There have been times  that I would get upset  and argue.  Now  its just not any challenge.

I find it more challenging to be nice, let them have a break,and to just let it be

My husband rest his soul   taught me that.    I was that nervous woman fighting the  behavior  not having peace.    He never let it bother him.

Other things did bother him.  He was very quiet, the opposite of this wild woman.    

I am firmly the type that has to fix things.   

Now as I look around I realize that things are not easily fixed if you let them frustrate you.

I see now that the joy of life can be sucked out of you by an employer, fellow employee, a relative, neighbor , friend or acquaintance if you let them.

I have learned that the way things were when I was a kid  have changed.   It is not  the Happy Days.  It is not Mayberry.  It is not  I love Lucy either.  The days of those shows and  Bachelor Father, My Little Margie, Hazel, Lassie and all the rest  are still in my heart and my head.

They and church and my parents shaped me.  I choose  to be the  Hazel type.   I choose to want the life in Mayberry.

Yes call me a dreamer.  The days of the Beverly Hillbillies,  Oh Susanna, Petticoat Junction each taught me something .  

They taught me to love my neighbors, lean on them, and laugh.   Those shows  taught me fairness.  

As a kid we played  in Queens .We were out   on the sidewalks in parks ,back yards  and  being nice was easier.

As a kid we were handed a bar of soap   told go out  play in the rain by our moms.  Yes Middle Village Queens was a lot of fun.  The schoolyard was where we played on weekends after homework.

Yes  we did our homework and did not talk back.   If you did get into trouble someone’s mom or dad was there to help or correct you.  If you got corrected by someone else mom and dad found out and you would catch it again.  We learned manners, good behavior by example .   

Sometimes it was a scout leader,sunday school teacher, school teacher or neighbor doing the teaching. 

In any event you learned. 

Today it seems that the young adults do not learn,   they do insane things, hurt each other and themselves. It seems there are no rules.  Kids need rules.  

Stop letting little kids talk back, get into booze, run wild and  be rude.   It is high time that they learn   from shows like Davey and Goliath, Mayberry Rfd, Lassie, The Lone Ranger, and the old cartoons.

Now its   the new cartoons full of sex and violence parents let them watch.    Those are not cartoons for children nor adults either.

So yes   they were the days    my friend I thought they would never end…..  to quote a favorite song.

You can recreate those days  make life special for kids and yes even you….

Just do it keep up the good in the world……… for me


I am reviewing my life today.

I do not do enough fun things. I tend to become engulfed in the needs of others.    I tend to push myself aside. I watch tv, I moderate kids fights, pet the dog, and basically ignore myself. I need to change that.   In fact  I am starting  with straightening the house to my liking,  I feel happier when the house is cleaner, prettier and the time is now to work on that. 

I am also working on me.  I am not finished yet.  God has a plan, I wish I knew what it was but I like surprises.

Hmm you say.   Yes truth be told I  am one of those folks who will bend over backwards to meet the needs of others.  ” Why”?    

I have always been the caretaker.  I think you are born that way.  I want to fix things, relieve pain and sorrow.  I want to make the world better, my family and friends happy, even acquaintances fit into the scope of those I care about.

Yes strangers are not strangers for long.    I am that one who would bring home a lost soul and have.   Yep  thats me.

Know what I have gotten from it?   LOVE.  Joy   , hope, kindness and the knowledge that I can make a difference even if its only a small thing.

Giving makes me happy .  Have you ever done  an RAOK.   Random Acts of Kindness are the best. I get giddy.   I have told someone when I did it not out of glory seeking  but out of my outrageous joy unbridled at doing something nice.

My mom always told me stop being so nice you will get hurt.  Yes she was right.   Dad always was nice to the wrong people.   He was well liked  but when he got sick and passed away where were they.?

I do not do good things to kiss up.  I do not do them to be remembered. I do them to make me happy.    Happy !   

I can not explain to you how good it feels when you make someone who is sad  happy.  

I can not explain all the ambulance rides  I gave  with patients who felt unhappy , sad, lost and alone. I do not want anyone to feel alone.   I want to help people know they are special and loved and give them hope. 

For a long time all I did was volunteer  now I can not do that anymore.   I wish I could.  I do know that by sharing Hope, Joy,Peace , Love and my Faith   maybe I can change the world a little.  Who does not want to change the world?   We can do it together   a little at a time.   

Live a life of simple joys. Bring your family and friends closer. Color in a coloring book, Take a bubble bath .  Blow bubbles, run your toes in the sand, do whatever makes you happy.

Simple joys cost nothing.   A smile, a hug, an offer to  help someone, be there to comfort someone and do something for you

Live a life of simple joys…..  .

Today my mother in law  Doris Irene Egel Scholl was laid to eternal rest.  

A good woman who blessed me by having my  husband and being his mom. 

My kids will miss her , though they did not see her much.  Living in the  southern Adirondack Foothills is far away from the big Apple.  

What she did in life will carry through in her grandchildren.   Her dtr Veronica  has 4 girls all grown some with kids of their own.    Her son Thomas  has 2 a boy and a girl   . Both of them have children, Frank and I had 2 of our own a boy and a girl 

Now if you look at those kids all grown with their own kids  who will remember their great grandma    and tell their kids about her .  Each one will have their own story. Each their own experience.  

  I wish that  I were with them all now.    I did  not attend the services.  I  thought it best to stay home and avoid the heat and effects of asthma.   

I have seen photos  my son sent of them having a remembrance meal  with the family and am happy they went.    It is important to show love and affection to your family and those who are close friends. 

History shows us that if we do not talk about our lives together  we will forget or be forgotten.   Family is so very important to me.  I do not have to  kiss fannies, nor bow down to anyone but God.  I do  , however,  believe that there are times to forgive and forget.

When we forgive someone we give our self a gift.   We also give that person a second or third or fourth chance.     I rather like  getting gifts.    I love giving gifts.  I love sharing love with others. 

I know life is short.  The days go by so fast. Time on earth is short.  Love the life you are living.

Of course we all have difficulties  , things we would rather forget.  I hope that  I can forgive myself for my mistakes  and am trying.   I find its easier to forgive others than to forgive me. Yes that is a flaw.    I am aware I am flawed. I am aware that I may not be perfect  . Oh heck I know I am not perfect but   try not to look too hard at myself in fear I may find more that I can not handle.

I do not know how many of you look at life in retrospect yet.  I know that as each person  enters or leaves this world and my life   huge changes happen.

It may not seem huge to you.  It does to me.   Family and friends are everything on earth.   We go through this world meeting and saying goodbye so often.  

Every time a child is born it is a gift.  Each life is a gift .   Open that gift gently. Open it with love ,hope and warmth.  Add in some sweetness and salt   as life needs spice.   Do things with love as love is the reason we are here.

Remember life is short    Take it one step at a time,  Take deep breaths, Enjoy each second. Make life worth your time. Share your life with those you love and those who you do not like or know.  It will make life full and happy…  

Now go life is calling you….

When I visit Lowe’s   I also  remember to  ask  for help with  whatever I am buying.  It is important to know that the  product you buy is really meant for the project you are planning.

I have found that the Lowe’s employees know more about the items than the instructions allude to . Most of the instructions are unclear  or parts of important steps are  left out.  

Through trial and error the associates at Lowe’s always come to the rescue.  Each one has different experience with the items  but they all  know who to ask who has used that item.  It is wonderful knowing that the item I am buying  has been tried by others and what the results are.

I have never had the occasion to be disappointed by the  instructions given by the Lowe’s  associates.    I have found them to know the shortcuts, the proper techniques not shown on the packages.  

Lowe’s  offers you the opportunity to have an associate  teach you the techniques needed to tile, paint, caulk, fix a toilet,  install a  sink, use a tool, and  even decorate your home  with wallpaper, carpet and windows.  

The associates also know when  its time to offer  installation services.   I am not able to install a waterheater on my own , though some may be able to.

Knowing that is a  plus.    They know the products, services , techniques and even are permitted to voice an opinion  .  Yippee  that is refreshing.    Other stores  refrain from that.   I like it.  It shows me the corporation, store management and the   employees really care about what they sell.  I have not run into a unhappy Lowe’s customer yet.

There are always cranky people, and yes the associates sometimes have a rough day of it, and so do I. 

I really enjoy shopping there.  

I hope one day to run into one of the Kitchen, Bath,Yard Crashers  there.   I do have the ugliest  kitchen,bath and yard around  . I admit it

That would make this Lowe’s diva very happy.    Imagine redoing my kitchen ,bath or yard with the special folks who do wonders with the items Lowe’s furnishes for their shows.  

Wow  Happy  does not even come  close…. Maybe one day   I will  be ecstatic….lol    

So for now   its  Lowe’s dreaming for me….

Hope is one of those things that describes the way people go blindly into situations they normally would not  .  

Hope is the one thing that keeps me going.  I know that God is my hope my path to heaven.

I know that without hope and or God there is nothing for the human spirit to lean on.

I know that Hope is like Love .  They both need nurturing,trials errors and growth.

In order to survive in this world we need both Hope and Love.  You can have on or the other ,but then you feel incomplete. 

You know you can be loved or be in love  but, without love and hope combined there is not a bit of strength to deal with life.

In this world we need Hope. In this world we need Love.  We need them more than anything now.

Times are hard enough without the incessant changes in politics, world almost at point of destruction, sickness, loneliness, sadness. 

We have to have the Hope that we can overcome all of those. For me  knowing God has my back is very important to me. 

I am an only child.  Not such a good thing. 

No one is there for you .  Most people used to have cousins close by.   My cousins are all far away.  

So  for me  it helped me know   that with God  I  even me… can do something good. 

When I am afraid of things   I either back off from it    or   dive in and be the super friendly  overly trusting type.  

Some folks do not like that.  Well they are the losers. 

When you meet a person  who has hope  its like opening a big GIFT.     Open slowly is my advice.  You do not want to waste any of the hope that is in that gift.    You want to grab it and hold on for dear life.  You want to learn how to hope, love and trust. 

  To be  near a person with Hope  can be contagious.  In fact, I hope  that you  do get close to those with Hope.  They dream, glimmer, shine and become euphoric  at the thought of joy  .

Outrageous you say?  Well   to me its outrageous that some folks have no hope, no faith, love or joy in their lives. 

I want to wish you all Hope, Joy,Love,Trust,Faith in all you do or endeavor to be. I want to wish you hugs , puppy kisses, crayolas and paper  , chalk on a sidewalk, paint on the walls,ceilings, floors and furniture.  Each of those  cries out hope. 

Hope for the future   ,the family, life,  and the  world   is within you.

Today I am thinking.    Thinking is one of those things that either  makes you feel better or worse.


Thank You God for slowing me down. Maybe I have some unfinished work…..
I know this happens to me a lot. God intervenes. Now I have to thank Him more for all the wonderful blessings. They may be small but think of them as training wheels. Today I met a pentecostal pastor and his wife from Johnstown NY> I was dropping off a set of used lamps at my friends office. He offered to take them in. one actually fell out of van when door opened. lol Just shows you God wants you to meet good people.

I had decided not to go to Long Island in the heat for my mother in laws funeral. My hubby died in 2007 , She never cared for me , kept me out of family pix, told my dad I was not good enough for her son. Encouraged my hubby to drink when he was already addicted. Held us and his brothers family at arms length while spoiling the dtr got everythingl I forgave her and myself both a long time ago for being angry. I wish her peace and rest in the arms of Jesus. I hope my late hubby and his family reunite in heaven and know they are all loved.
Funny isn’t it? I could have remained angry .I could have said ….. but no God has so much of my heart its full of love
I love that she gave my husband life. I love my kids who came from my husband and I love my grandkids.
So much I can thank her and father in law for no matter what.
I guess it seems strange but, that is who I am.
So in closing Father I thank you for my inlaws , my husband and parents and family. I thank You for putting up with my frustrations and years of resentment and for teaching me what I should do is love them. Thank You Father for Jesus and for all blessings amen



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