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Posted on: February 28, 2011

well gang I am trying to keep myself  busy.  Kids were on vacation all week.  Oh thank heaven they are all back to school tomorrow.    It has been wild. Very wild indeed.  Snowstorms, kids and a big red dog.

I have not been really good about watching what I eat all week, as it is just hard to pay attention this week.   I have been having a lot of back and sciatica pain,  sore throat, and swollen glands, and yes gums… guess I got what the kids have.

I have been having such pain in my left shoulder I wonder what I did to hurt it….  hurts to raise the arm at all.

But enough complaining.  I saw tonite  on Christian Tv,  Joel Osteen was speaking on the possibilities in life.

He said the truth is that  God will love us no matter what, but we must remember that we are the one who foretells our destiny.  We must realize that the gifts He gives us daily are going to grow into more amazing gifts when we yield to His Will. It is not only that we are given more, but,  the fact is that when we are in tune with Him, we realize how important each step we take towards a goal really is.   The step you take toward healing yourself , is huge. Let God in and let Him help you reach that goal. He never promised that we would have a rose garden without working for it. He did however give us His son to wipe our tears, comfort and  cleanse us of sin.    The Love of God is amazing isn’t it?


So now in order to honor Him we have to take care of us, not let others steal our joy and bring comfort to others.  We have to be the ones who bring His love to others…. Will you take care of you and follow him?


with love,


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