Hi friends

Posted on: February 22, 2011

Well lots of stuff is going on here.    I took as a web addy.

Then started a group on Facebook,    Stitchaholics Anonymous.

I adore machine embroidery.  Then found my grandson wrecked my desktop with all my designs on it.   Found some backups of the designs. Also found the  program for my machine   It does not work with windows 7 aghck.

I am planning on doing something with this machine.   I want to live my life again.

I have a creative soul and have buried it.  So now time to dig me out of the wide hole I made.

I finally found the floppy drive and hope it works.   Kids  why do they take my computer apart?   Son will have to take the hard drive out see if he can save the designs on it.  14 yrs of designs on it  …  I have to have my designs back  please….

I have tons of sweatshirts to decorate , what to do with them then?   no idea, have sheets and pillowcases  i want to embellish   did I say that ?

Yep it was me.  I read it as I typed it.

So my friends life is still in me   I want to embroider….lol



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