Posted on: January 16, 2011

Have you ever really looked at the word  relationships?   Take a good look now if you have not before.

How many times have people said I hate my relationship with so and so, it stinks , or some other negative thing?   Wives say  we have no relationship any more.All he does is watch the game, hang out with the boys, drink his beer,smoke, and fall asleep  is a common grouping of complaints.   Still other wives say  ” all he does is complain about everything I do,the kids are not dressed right, his mom does it differently,why can’t we go to the playoffs,you are no fun to be with anymore.” I have heard so many wives say there is no romance in the relationship anymore.

The hubby’s are no different.  We hear “my old lady is such a drag,she complains that all I do is sit around bitc—g, and when I ask her anything she jumps down my throat , you know she has changed ,she is no fun anymore, it was different before we got married”. One of the biggies is “she does not cook anymore, she is at the ___________ gym, out with the kids, shopping spending my money.”   I have heard men say they would rather go bowling than help out on a Saturday, that the food shopping,laundry,housekeeping are all a woman’s duty along with cooking, taking kids everywhere and holding down a full time job.

Let’s go back to the beginning.   Relationship     break that word up into two parts.  Relation and ship.   What have they got in common?  Well  we know that in any ship there is a crew working together to keep it afloat.   The crew must maintain the boat, cook, clean, paint,occupy themselves , go through storms and calm.

Just the same thing in a marriage one person can not run the whole marriage and carry the person on their back, and neither can any relation between friends, lovers, family.

The relation between those in the relationship is very complicated. Anytime you have more than one person involved you get different needs emotions, wants,desires  ,hopes and dreams.   Some of these words can be interchanged with each other.

Right now in my life everything is changing .  I am changing, and coming to realize that I am important to.  If the people in a relationship of any kind with me  do not understand ,nor have compassion or the desire to work with me,I am saddened. If the person I love does not want to be with me does not get why I am upset and won’t talk about it,what should I do? There is nothing I can do that would change them.

I can only be the best I can be. I can do the best that I can,be kind,loving,and tell the people how I feel.  I can not drag the person along with me on my journey and I do not want to.  I can continue to go on.

That is the only thing I can do is to be me.   That includes hoping that life continues, relationships grow and  faith will carry us all through.

I hope this helps someone find out their value, that the relationship still is worth saving, and that  they will be able to work together and improve it.

For like the crew on the  SS Relationship, we have to work together and  love and live together . So, lets make it work in whatever journey we are on.

with love,




1 Response to "Relationships"

Wow. Very profound and deep. Gives me alot to think about Patti. I really love this post. You are being so open and up front.

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