Weight for me!

Posted on: January 12, 2011

I know  its the wrong spelling, but very appropriate.   Weight and wait both sound alike .   Both create obstacles for us.  Yet, they both can be overcome.

I have weight issues and am finally working on them no more waiting around for the right time.

I am relearning how to change my eating patterns.  Eet Metabolicmemory  on FB  has let me become aware that the time of day does    make a big difference in what,how much,why and where I eat.

When I was working I had to fit food around the needs of the company I worked for. Worked weird hrs for many years. That was detrimental to my health.

I also had to change my sleep pattern that also was not good for me. It was essential to work, but I wish that I could have changed the hrs and the times I had to eat and sleep.

Over 20 yrs of bad timing of meals, lack of sleep , stress, all are bad for anyone.   It is clear I need to come to terms with that.  I am working on it.

I am surrounding myself with wonderful people, some nearby ,some only a phone call away.   We all have to help each other learn to get healthy,to love each other and ourselves.  I am learning every day something new.

Today and yesterday I have been shown by Joyce Meyer   on   that   what I say is self prophecy.  Instead of me saying  I can not, or I have to wait…aha  that wait again change must happen.   I must change the words to be positive,  I will be happy, I will conquer the numbers on the scale, I can instead of can’t   will instead of won’t,  and I want instead of maybe if.

How many of us do that?  I bet there are a lot of folks just like me, who put others first, then forget what fun is, forget what it is to be , just be.

I am working hard on trying to find out who I am   ,I thank God for each of you.



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