Good Morning

Posted on: December 30, 2010

Today is a good day to start anew.  I am going to have a good day.  I hope you will too.

Today the goal is to  simple.  Drink More water, drink lots more water.

I had one cup of coffee already and am really ready for a second cup now.

A big warm cup of coffee, snuggle with a blanky for a few then it will be  vacuum, dust pick up after kiddos, sort laundry  .  Yep  a cup of coffee before tackling that.

I think it is time to let go of a lot of collectibles too.  Simply  simplify.

I want to continue the losing weight so maybe time to shed the stuff that may be holding me back from doing things in a new way.  I am one of those folks who saves things. I have a collection of Fenton colonial blue glassware from the 60s on.  Do I need it ?  No.  Why do I have it?

I bought it because of a few things. The deep ocean blue strikes a part of my soul. Next  it was made in West Virginia, my dad’s home state. Third , it is beautiful,and fourth made me happy .  I have pleasant memories of going to the Fenton factory seeing the glass blown,created and the touch of that glass. The smooth,cool,silky feel of  this glass is different.

Now that I am changing the memory will still be there, but I do not have to have the fancy glass anymore. I need to have more time to do the fun things.  I used to enjoy washing the glass  and looking at it shimmer in  the sun.  The light playing on that glass is reminiscent of water glimmering in moonlight.

So packing up the glassware storing it until I can get a fair price on Ebay, or maybe that will not happen. Who cares.    The glassware made me happy once. No  not important.  My point of reference on important to me has changed.

It seems this is the time of year to reevaluate our life.  For me this is time to leave the old behind and go forward.

It is almost 4 yrs ago my husband died .   I miss him very much.  Now I need to dig myself out of the comfy maybe not so good for me  spot I have been hiding myself in.

Many people withdraw and protect themselves when a spouse dies.  I did , and for me it was a triple whammy. My mom died 7 mos before he did, then all 3 of my dogs had to be put down.    Total loss  of my support structure  .

I am working through this now.  I have been focused on helping my kids and grandkids  so much that I did not pay attention to me.

So here is my message.   Love deeply, kindly, without expectation of reciprocation.Do not worry about pleasing anyone.    You will feel so much better without  worrying about   who you please or don’t  .

Enjoy your life, trust more, give more,love more and be more.  I promise you are worth it.  I learned that  I am worth it too.

Happy New Year!




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