hi all,

Posted on: December 30, 2010

Today I learned a lot. I learned that some think I am a hate mongering , anti, everything kind of girl. I learned that via an email.   Funny they all seem to be friends of a certain woman.  The fact that they both are friends of hers means I have struck a nerve.

Well to the former friend of mine. I wish you well. I do not have to listen to vile words, and or accusations.  I am just going to do what is expected of me.  I am going to let go and let God.  I will not expect to have you think of me well. You have judged me wrongly, according to the set of your rules.  That is o.k.  I will still be kind to you and still turn my cheek as that is what I am supposed to do.  I did block you as you made it clear what your feelings are and that  you wanted no contact.   I will not attack you  in any forum.   In fact I am not upset in the least. I thank you for all you taught me.

As for the other attacker aka stalker, what ever you wish to be called.  I will not post anything you write here any longer,it just encourages you to  participate in slap and tickle.   You say you are a professional writer, well considering the attitude you have shown and lack of restraint in your emails to me. I doubt that very much.

It does appear that every word I write will be criticized and taken out of context.  For those people  again I say  I am not attacking you , I am not going to your blogs, and I really do not give one iota of respect to you any longer.

While I am able to make people angry easily that is not my wish.

I do not want to cause a ruckus, I may be wrong sometimes, but I do not try to make them mad. I will also admit my own faults. When I state an opinion, for some reason people think that is the final word. No it is not.

The final word is that of our Father.

When I say enough, and I wish you blessing it means that truly. I do not wish anyone harm.

I have decided that for my own health and sanity that those who do not like me or my opinions can choose their own path in life. I will not be a part of it. That is fine and dandy. All the world’s people are different. I do not know of any pure people.   God made us all.    We are all His children.

I know the written word does not include the complete feeling of the writer, and I am not going to get into  the fights or semantics.   So that is what I learned so far.  I DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER BACK.  (whooee)   I learned something.   No guilt.  That is a lot for me.   Usually I would feel terrible. Now its ok. Had my guilt for a minute then it was gone. I learned that learning and  growth  are both good..Growth is good.  Very good.

I have also learned that by blogging and speaking my mind that I see the humanity of others.  I will learn not to put me last. I count.  That is a big thing for me. BIG.

So now  learning and growing  with the help of my friends,I thank you all for the love and support.



1 Response to "hi all,"

Patti, you will never please everybody. This specific commenter is acting like a child. Who gets the last word!!!??? Cut Your losses with her my friend. There are enough of us who love and support You without constant passive agressive childish behavior.

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