what a surprise

Posted on: December 21, 2010

I was on FB today and u can guess  what I found.   The care bears left a surprise for me.    I have a new persona    a red care bear with hearts on it. and so do Laura and DIDI,     we are care bears… how cute

The stalker drama seems to be calming down. Good. I am not stalking anyone , not being mean, calling names, just being the person I am expected to be.  Human.  I do not believe in being rude,crude or anything similar. I know I can be downright mean if I want to but that is something I will not do.  I have enough stuff thrown at me everyday ,like everyone else does. Why should I be mean?  It won’t fix any problems, cure any issues, do anything positive.

Anger and hate are just not worth my time.  Christ did not succumb to anger,hostile behavior.  I think the only time he appeared angry and distraught was when he was in the Temple and encountered the money changers, the vendors, and those defaming God.    If He could go through all he did buying my sins away, then surely I can ignore the harassment, and ignorance of two women who obviously do not have the capability to walk the walk.

Thank you all for your love and support. Thank you for your  patience and not attacking the cyber bullies.   I am proud of you all.

with love,




7 Responses to "what a surprise"

Dear Patti, The drama surrounding your website and constant claims of letting things go, and then continuing to harp on them have brought me here. I am not here to cast stones, but to point out that continuously you do not let things go.

If you are not a member of the so called “melting pot of horror” (which apparently is not name calling or a slur, right?) then how do you know so much of what is said there.

It is my belief that somebody, under the guise of being your friend, is continuing to tell you of the discussions there concerning you and your friend. t must be hurtful to hear, and I personally would stand up for my friend who I cherished before I ever told her of any name calling and such.

It is sad that you have been classified into the same group as your infamous pal. She is quite the chameleon and changes her skin to suit the people she is with. She is deceiving. I know, I have witnessed it.

As a friend to MY friends, I am here to say that you continue to bring it up, tag them, speak of them. and slur them. You have attacked MY support system and my friends, and to be fair to you I believe you should know that it is insulting to be called a follower and to be told we are a melting pot of horror. Those ladies and gents mean the world to me.

You have brought religion into it, and so with that I shall pray for you. I believe that you are hurt and hurting. I believe that some of the people who pose as your friends are not. I believe that you have a life outside of the internet and you should focus on the beauty that is your family and your reality.

I will light a candle for you tonight. I will say a Hail Mary. I hope that you can truly let it go. I pray that your eyes are open to the cruelty that you have spewed as well as to the one who whispers in your ear.

We are entitled to our opinions. Mine is that you are on a merry go round and can’t seem to step off. Take a leap back, let it go, look at the whole situation, examine it from the outside and bury it.

I hope that you continue to find the support you need. If you are to have WLS, I am sure that you have wonderful knowledgeable people around you. If you need support in other areas of your life, I hope you find it.

Dear Michelle, I was a member of the group. I did not enjoy the hate being spewed to be honest. If it were not the blogging lady and her pal doing the abuse speech, I must have missed something. I also have been on other sites and saw the same people doing the same thing. Most of the lady bloggers followers. aka blog followers let me clarify that are wonderful people. I was quite surprised that the lady blogger spoke the way she did. I had a high level of appreciation for all that she went through. When she started attacking Susan Maria Leach I was very surprised. All the support groups I have attended spoke of never attacking anyone. I reciprocated in kind I admit out of total anger at being called fat,
old, etc. I had not given out the lady bloggers names but they sure did post mine. I thought that acting like a lady was proper. You have not read some of the emails. You have atleast read here what is posted. I give you credit for that.
I am a woman who does not back down easily. If I am wrong about something I certainly will apologize. I am sorry that you believe I am easily lead. I have not spewed hatred by any means. if you read all of the posts I am not fighting with these women. They are the aggressors. Of course any story can be spun in any direction. Again the written word can not carry forth the true meaning of my words. I do not say that you or any of the lady bloggers ,friends or even she are evil. The people who follow her blog, do follow just as those who follow this blog. That does not mean they are without conscience, brains,attitude, knowledge, or talent. It simply stated means they follow her blog. I am glad that you have found support in the lady bloggers writing. While I do not agree with everything she or Mel have written, they have merit if they mean something to you, others, or the writers.
In case you have not noticed I have written about other things. I also will include you ,the lady blogger, and Mel as well as all those who have been the target of animosity,hatred,and attacks for any reason in my prayers. We are all His children. I am sorry my faith has been causing pain for some. I truly believe that God is the final judge in all things. We can judge how a persons behavior is worth emulating, but we may not judge that person. I got in big trouble for that comment. Some do not get it. We are not to be judge, but discern whether we should follow a pattern of behavior ,if it is pleasing to Him or not.

WLS is a very serious action to take. I have been told it is a tool. Boy do they ingrain that in you when you go to classes. Support groups are wonderful. If you note my hesitancy has been caused by the death of 3 people in the program I was in. Their deaths has changed my opinion on wls. It indeed has been ingrained in me that this is a tool not a cure. It simply is not for some people. I know of two wonderful women who both have suffered greatly. One now no longer speaks to me since the lady blogger turned my words to her benefit. I do not know of anyone on this earth who is perfect. l simply believe that good will overcome. I keep trying to be kind and get burnt each time. That is ok, people should take some of what they read, and try to understand what the writer means. In al anon we were encouraged to take what we like and leave the rest. It is important to live and let live. It would be nice if they did ,but I do not expect miracles.
I thank you for your prayers, and hope that you are wrong about my friends. Others have said similar things. I believe that you can not judge a zebra by her stripes, you have to see the actions. I think most people change. In fact the lady blogger has changed imho. It appears that I am on the wrong side of the street for some. I will still be me, and try to do what is right. I will make mistakes, have some successes, and value all people.
I have stepped back . I no longer follow the blogging lady or several others that I deemed were important to me. In fact , this whole thing may have finished me off with regard to having wls. That is a big issue. After reading the problems people have, and I mentioned them, I was chastised as a non wls’er,by the lady blogger. She has done more to turn me away for good from wls, than anyone else. I will ultimately be responsible for what the final decision is, for sure. When I read the way the ladyblogger and friend have written about others, and that by me saying I was told no alcohol for wls patients and that liquid vitamins can help , causes the nasty notes I have received about that alcohol, it no longer seems valuable to me . If so many people are so miserable without alcohol, and vitamins, and foods that they eschew hate the way they have it makes it less desirable.
I always believed that opinions were just that. Now I am aware that was wrong. Never disagree with those who become famous even a little bit.
However, I have digressed. The issue is not what the lady blogger or her friends or blog followers believe any more. I did not invite them to this blog. Within 3 hrs of me posting here they and their friends started the attack. If you note I have not posted on the lady blogger’s forums either of them or Andrea’s either. It is clear who the aggressors are.
I admit openly had I not stood up to defend my friend this would not be an issue.
I thank you for listening,reading. May God bless you and all the WLS patients
hugs, grammasrunamuck aka Patti

I hope you read the blog today. I am hoping to learn as much as I can from others.
When I say letting go I have let go of the anger. It is time to move on from this topic too
I want to lose a great deal of weight and am striving to do that.
I want to find more folks going through similar issues. I want them to know someone cares. I hope to be someone that supports them.
I pray that people learn to support each other and be kind. I can only be kind and treat others nicely. It is up to them how they act.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will support others who need support too.

First, who the hell are these people and what hole do they crawl out from? These “adults” who claim to know me? I must meet them in my sleep i guess.
Patti, your post and the response just show how classy You are and how blindly people do follow. You take time to point out you want peace and she takes time to stir it up. I am saddened how people who have never met someone, spoken to someone, even seen someone judge.
Patti, you have seen, read, spoken, posted, copied, argued during this whole crazy time. You patti, have been logical, and actualy have listened to ALL sides and made opinions. That makes me proud to know with all that You see the truth.
Didi and i tend to take things personally and get wound up. You keep us grounded and remind us the truth is the truth no matter how many lies are spewed. And Dear Lord they spew so many.
So these “adults” can keep trying to stir the pot, further someones agenda, and act Holier than Thou,but we shall try to follow your example. Can i be Chameleon bear now?
Soon my friend, our plans will come to fruition, and they too shall see the truth in black and white. All of those who pledge support and are eager for this to end follow your lead too.
Thank you for your calm presence in this crazy world.

Laura, I just am going to be me. Nothing fancy, just trying to be me. I guess the old you can not please all the people all the time applies here. I see it as the glass is half full. I am blessed to have wonderful people around me. I am aware that some may think ill of me. They will have to dig deep to make me angry . It does as you have seen take a heck of a lot. Then I have to let it go and Let God. We know my detractors will have plenty to say. I just know that if I remain calm, nice and treat them with respect ,that I will be doing the right thing. I do not give a whoot let the lady blogger and the friend the banter woman stand and have a fit. I just want them to be happy and live their lives in peace. I want to live my life in peace. I have had enough pain in my life already. I must say all of this has just about changed my mind about the possibility of me ever having wls. The things I saw on her blog just reaffirmed the fears I had after seeing the 3 women in our program lose their lives. That along with the two others who have had so many health issues.
Well lets not worry about the negatives and focus on the positive..

What I wrote was not to stir up anything. Laura has been all over the internet, making friends, offending friends and losing friends. All on her own, and not because of some “famous” blogger. So when she asks, who are these people? Well, I was somebody who found her to be quite funny, and then I watched her decline rapidly. She can’t even keep track of the people she had contact with.

Again, I didn’t write to you to cast stones, call names, or be nasty. Still the issues have not been let go, but become further fodder for the masses.

Where I have seen sarcasm, you have seen hatred. I guess to each their own. As for SM, well I think there are two parts to every story. I see where many find her delightful. Again, to each their own.

Anyway, Patti, I hope you find the answers that you are looking for. WLS is most certainly not a decision to go into lightly. It is a tool, and regardless of how many ways your surgeon twists, removes and alters your insides, you come out still human. We don’t have super human powers. We still battle every day. Some battle their desire for alcohol, some their desire for fried foods, others the need to just fill the void in their life with what ever is in the cupboard. And those are the battles of will and not health.

The hole in which I have crawled out of is calling my name. I shall crawl back in to enjoy my life, the bounty of blessings I have around me, my amazing friends and family, and I will continue to find support where I choose. In the end, support is key, regardless of where it comes from, wouldn’t you agree?

I wonder where Laura saw a stirring of the pot, childishness in my post, or some agenda. As for this “our plans will come to fruition, and they too shall see the truth in black and white.” well that just sounds off the wall crazy, but so be it.

Have a happy holiday Patti. Enjoy your family, your friends and your true support system.

Michelle I enjoy your post and comment.I posted your comment to show how positive you are and to be sure people know there is good out there. Thank you for your comments. I hope to hear from you again. I am blessed by the good people here and facebook. You are a blessing.

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