Exercise Exercise come on everybody get your exercise

Posted on: December 21, 2010

I wish I could afford a trainer.  One of my fb pals Kathy is a trainer.  I could really use one.  My back pain has been so bad  not sleeping.

I need to move a lot more, be less restricted in my movements. I do not want to hurt myself.  Fear of injury is realistic.  Deciding to take a challenge and move is realistic. Now I need to drag my fanny and find something I can do safely.

It is one of those things where you need to do it but  you are leery. Will it help, am I doing this right

Tell me everyone how did you start the exercises. What type did you start with.  Do you do videos on the home tv? Do you go to the gym, have a trainer? I was thinking I wish we could all do a  video screening thing with folks we know and chat.   Virginia Curtis and Chris Casanova do this daily on the phone and pc.  They are cheering each other on

In case you do not know them  they are  owners. They are wonderful.  Virginia does this out of her own pocket. She is a mom and a beautician. She works to provide the support we all need so desperately.

It would be great if we could hook Kathy Rick Draper up with them and get her feedback on what types of things we chubbettes could use to start with. Hmmm I think I will suggest that.  They could do a really good Youtube series.    Wow  wouldn’t that be great.

There are so many on FB that cheer everyone on  .  Kristin’s Weightloss, and also Chauna’s weightloss are 2 of my pals on fb  that are there all the time , Nathanael’s weightloss Holly Naim,Starla Miller, so many wonderful folks.

When I think rock the house I think Frank Stumpo, Lawonda, Dana Lowks,and Kevin’s Weightloss to name a few that really do amazing things.

I could spend all night and day giving you names of blessings in my life.  I thank each of the FB friends and family for loving me.



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