Posted on: December 21, 2010

A good friend of mine on FB  is Jon Pearlstone.  He is under the name eet metabolicmemory .  A kind man who practices what he believes.

His premise is that we can eat and lose weight , with the use of timing of meals,the types of foods we eat.

The old farmers style of eating. Eat heavy meals with carbs that you love in the morning. Reduce the carbs as you go.  Eat healthy. Fresh foods are best. Higher in vitamins,minerals, all the good things we need including roughage.   The farmers must have known something. They were much healthier, lived longer happier lives.    Yes they kept long hours, ate good foods and worked.  Exercise is important to the body and to keep the soul happy.

Yesterday I spoke about exercise.  Funny No One  replied about that.

I guess the only replies I get are in regard to the attacks I have received because I chose to be friends with Laura T.   Well  I am still trying to start the moving.

Even in severe pain  I am going to do this  a little at a time.   I am ging to make my life better. Will you join me?


grammasrunamuck/   Patti


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The carbs and fat they consumed was okay for them cause they worked it off in the course of the day. My grandparents told tales of milking cows and tending chickens before the 5 mile walk to school. When they did mundane chores like laundry, dishes and sweeping the floor they didn’t have all the handy machines and gadgets. We’ve become a VERY lazy society and, therefore, much fatter. There is no way it can be blamed solely on Happy Meals and Pepsi.
Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out later. 😀

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