On this day, God wants you to know … that God doesn’t give you what you want, God gives you according to who you are. Change who you are to change your life.

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Yes it is a long title , received from the fb app by the same name.   It is so appropriate for me.  I tend to be the kind of gal who lets others take pokes at me, lets it go.   Then a friend told me” Why do you let them do that to you?  You are a good person. God does not want you to let them go on attacking you.”   Wow that got my attention.

I heard today that the lady blogger and friend are harpooning me, lambasting me on fb.  She has called me names etc. ,told people I am crazy.  Does she not realize Libel is not a nice thing.

All I can say is that I am not going to speak with hate or animosity.  Those who know me, know I would not hurt anyone,casting this kind of hate is not good for them.  Those who unfriend me on fb. have the right to do so.  I also have that right. I do not have to be a target.  In fact those people who have attacked me should think before printing their hateful spiel.

It is their choice to act the way that they do.   I will just go on with my life. I am not posting on their pages, reading their pages.  Life is short. Life is one of love if you choose to make it that way.  Hate is an ugly word. The world has enough hate.  These 2 women eschew hate.  Their loss.

May God bless them according to His word.  May there be more love in the world than people can fathom. May peace,love,healing,joy,and grace abound to all of you.

grammasrunamuck/Patti    ❤


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