Posted on: December 20, 2010

This blog is in honor of my Gram Florence.   Grandma was very important to me. She was a bit of a wild woman. A woman much ahead of the times.  She never let anyone keep her down.

Grandma Florence was a flapper, yet a perfectly brought up daughter of a English , family that owned a business in Brooklyn NY.  She and her sister were brought up at a time where it was important who you spoke to ,socialized  with, kept away from the inappropriate shenanigans of the local kids.   She became a stocking model, a lingerie model , all to the dismay of her parents and family.  Brought up to discern right from wrong she really stuck it to her father so to speak.  Women at the turn of the 20th century had little if any rights.  Well that did not stop my grandma.   She was not going to be the Victorian Lady.  She was going to have fun.  She sure did.    She smoked drank, kept late hours , worked.   Oh my  she had a job…

She had my mom at 19, still had not sown enough wild oats, had my uncle Don at 21,  was divorced a few yrs later .Shocking..Divorce.  Oh my.

I know my grandpa George loved her, gave her her freedom.

Now you see grandma was free to continue the wild life much to the dismay of her family.

All this background should let you see that her lifestyle caused her physical maladies.   She had bleeding ulcers. She almost bled to death a few times. She would not quit smoking. The next episode of bleeding ulcers was the worst. She had over one half of her stomach removed.  Very much like the sleeve procedure available today.  She survived the open surgery quite well.   She could only eat small bits at a time, hence her girlish figure. She was 5 ft 2 or so. She drank coffee, still smoked, but never gained weight.      She did very well indeed.  She and I both have similar issues with acids.  My body makes 400 x the amt normal people have.   It is called super hyper acidity.  I have had issues with gerd as a result. The gerd was aggravated by the excessive weight around my stomach.   Since I have lost weight it is much better.

I know  that it was difficult for Grandma to have had this surgery. The surgeons were way ahead of their time , they saved her life and I am sure they created a future for the sleeve.

I have been hemming and hawing  regarding this surgery.  I do know it saved her life. My mom and great aunt and cousin spoke of it often.  The scars were not that bad considering the early nature of this surgery.  I thank the surgeons and the nurses for trying it.   I thank God for letting her be healthy.

I do know that she had osteoporosis, probably from the surgery, and some other small problems.  Mom and dad had Grandma move in with us in the 60s for a while.  The doctors were giving her too much medication. Now retrospection allows us to realize that having had that surgery prolonged her life,but no one knew the medications for high blood pressure would make her drowsy so much.  One doctor said her altered stomach and lowered immunity system reacted differently with the medications.  I wish we would have known about the nutritional needs for her then.

Now you know my grandma’s  story…. just a little of it…  hugs.



2 Responses to "Grandma"

amazing! i had no idea they had that kind of medical know-how back then! so your granny, and those like her, is probably to thank for what we know about absorption issues in altered tummies today. in a round about way she is saving me and the rest of us from a slew of not-so-fun side-effects. thanks for sharing! *runs off to pop some vitamins*

It is amazing I know. Her doctor was ours too. I remember him coming to the house when I was sick. Dr Piscotto , gave me pepto bismol..eew still hate it… His son took over his practice and he saw her later in years. It was amazing home visits, family style office . I remember he told her to take abdec a liquid vitamin that I took as a kid. Highly potent. if you did not eat with it you would puke… yes I did… Now our pharmacist recommends liquid centrum for bypass and lap patients. She uses it herself. She fully believes that inadequate absorption for most people is a problem. She points out that many of our vegetables etc are devoid of nutrients.

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