Good Morning

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Getting back on track this morning  was up til 5 am. No  propane  brrr.  It was a  good thing the electric heater worked.  Glad I checked the addition before planning on bed.  Called the Propane company. They keep messing up the delivery here. 5th time/ they let tank go empty.  We have 2 tanks one for the west side of house one for the east.  The east is heated by the tank, and they have installed a small tank.  They forgot and only filled one side of house last week.   I was surprised at 3:4oa.m.  when the truck pulled up . $233.oo  to fill it.   Had son light it, grandson brought the heater out to protect the pipes.

I really suggest to all now with the serious temperature dip that most of us are facing ,that we keep checking the gauges.  Make sure to have alternate heat sources, and all the needs for an emergency.  Blankets,flashlights,bottled water, portable stove,and all you need for your area would be advisable to prepare in a container.


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