Evening all

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Tonite I am going to focus  on the positive.  I have no desire to fight with people .   So here is my plan.   I am going to focus on my life, my plans for being happy.   I have been widowed and know what loss is.  I lost my parents know what pain that brings.  I do however have a life, a blessing in disguise.  My kids and grandkids , cousins, aunts uncles, their kids, friends, and a wonderful pet.

More to the point. I am blessed.  I lost my patience with a couple of people,but have regained my composure and will let God deal with them.   Poof   Let Go  Let God.   Problem  out of my hands.    God is soo good.  He is with me throughout my days and nights.   Nights without the one you love are difficult. You grow, you learn patience, trust that life will get better.    You trust that God has a plan, even though you may not understand it.  He hears our prayers, holds us up, comforts us, and sometimes the unanswered prayer is the one that teaches us the most.  We most likely will be anxious from time to time, but it is time wasted.  Fear,anxiety,frustration can age us . So why do we hold onto those earthly ideas?   I guess because we are human.  How great a God we have. He lets us learn by our own mistakes. I imagine He is in pain when we suffer, or when we do not trust in Him.  I think that each time we do something that is wrong He feels the pain each of us earthly parents do when our kids disobey.    Lord I ask forgiveness for my failings, sins and short comings.  I ask Lord that  You in Your mercy forgive me and help me to be a better person. amen

I am going to try to be a person who loves her neighbors, and does the things that make Him proud.   So onward with the weight loss,  the growth of spirit and the return to joy.

Blessings to all,   grammasrunamuck/Patti


2 Responses to "Evening all"

You are an inspiration to us all. I WISH I could do this. I am not the person you are.
If the attacks were still just on me, i could move on, i had. But when my friends and family are taunted, insulted and hurt I cannot. And I feel guilty as this evil followed me home and spread to yours. You are a good woman. A great friend.

I am just me. Simple , eh. I have learned so much by reading, attending seminars, classes, and talking to others that this is the way I have to live my life. I am in charge of me. I do not need to accept unacceptable behavior. So live ,let live and rejoice in life

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