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Posted on: December 19, 2010

Hi ho all.   It appears  my new name is CC2  in honor of  Susan Maria Nunziata Leach.

Someone alert the media.   For those of you who do not know Susan, she is CEO of BE, a  company Bariatric Eating.  Susan is a kind intelligent woman.

The woman who follows  the blogging lady has now named me cc2.   Well thanks,  I am a cupcake …

Not only has this lady misconstrued what I have written, but she is really upset with me.  I guess I have a different opinion from her, and she takes issue with it.

I have been accused of deleting her posts, when in fact they are so venomous imho that I chose not to approve them. I have them . They are public record.  I chose and still choose to play nice.  If that makes me weak or a bad  Christian,for not judging the person but deciding their behavior is not for me  too bad.   I answer to God. He is my final answer.

So if you wonder why I am not interested in fighting with them here is my answer.  Life is too short.  I need to take care of me. I choose not to answer the hate with hate.

So you two happy ladies can  do what you want. I have more to do in my life than have hissy fits.   You have cast stones at me. I will not repay you in kind.  I will try to do my best to take one day at a time.  I will not sit and whine and carry on.

Correction,   CC2  is for crazycakes 2    in honor of Laura B  Tvaroha.   I made a boo boo.     Sorry Laura,     I am still in great company.  SM,and Laura are my pals,and I enjoy their company.

I wish you the best.       grammasrunamuck/Patti


19 Responses to "wow weighty stuff"

You make me ashamed of myself oh wise one. I wish I had your level of restraint lol. But that is why some are angry. You refuse to stoop to their level. So they sit at home having tantrums and stomping their feet.

OH and Patti? Um, you are named after ME! She calls me crazycakes. She said you are Crazy cakes 2—-CC2, see? THEN she says you also like SM. So, sorry! We can be cakes together, LOL. Wow. she needs a hobby.

good on you for taking the higher road! hate only begets more hate and you certainly don’t need that garbage in your life!

no no dear, I understand perfectly.

“So if you wonder why I am not interested in fighting with them here is my answer”

I’m not interested in whether or not you will “fight” At the moment, i’m interested why if you are not interested, why do you read and respond?

And speaking of misconstruing.. I do not follow “The Blogging Lady” I do not follow anyone. I can make up my own mind about what I do and do not do.

And “Public Record”, dear, means they are put up for anyone to have access to, not just yourself…. thus the use of the word “PUBLIC”
Since only you have them, they are considered “PRIVATE”

I wish you peace. I hope your anger and fears are met with kindness. I have had an issue with the comments and security it is fixed ,that is of no consequence. Basically either way I am not going to stoop to your level of hate. You wish to create havoc where there is none. Evil has a way of crawling out from under a rock when faced with something it cannot change. Go in peace

Madame, and I use the term loosely. You are neither near or dear to me. I consider your lack of consideration for myself,and others very sad indeed. I am very versed in the English language. I have been reading full sized hardbacked books since I was four. You say that you are able to banter proficiently. I have seen that you do not want to banter rather ,you wish to smear others around. If this is your way for banter,discussion,discourse then Madame you are indeed a sad individual. I can set the dialogue to private or not approve your nasty comments. I am not threatening you in any way shape or form. Let this be your notice. Treat others with respect on my block or be blocked.
To be honest you posted my Name on Your blog. I own up to what I say,and my opinions
are my opinions. If you have an issue with me personally then act like a woman, a grown up woman and ask to discuss it. Instead, you have regressed to childish name calling,insinuating that I am too old to understand. Well Madame.. I would have called you honey, but you do not deserve that endearing term nor any other.
If you notice I have not been haunting you ,your blog or Beth’s . I do not associate with the ilk of you two. I have tried to be polite ,kind, and let you blow off steam.
I was told by a good friend today that I should stop being nice to you. She said many things, I am sure all of NJ heard her. It should be obvious that she is correct you are acting in a nursery school manner. You and Beth may want to be famous. In my book you are infamous. That is not a nice term. Again, I wish you well, peace and the love of God be with you. I will however advise you that unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated.
grammasrunamuck/ Patti

To the lady who said “I have never seen/known a young grandmother.” What bubble do you live in? or what rock do you live under? I think, as we can see from the immaturity, you must be really young, i am guessing from the comments; 12?
My SIL is 38 and a grandmother. Had kids young, 18. Her son got married at 19, kids at 20. WOW, 38, dig the grave.

Your last response Patti? **Standing Ovation**

You clearly need more medication. This is going WAY too far. ENOUGH.

I do not need medication. It has gone way to far tell your pal to stop. It is apparent that both of you should bug off . Go away live and let live. May God keep you both in the palm of His hands.

You are bringing this on yourself. If you choose to blog, you might want to choose to not post attacks on other people. This is what happens.

Beth I am not going to continue this discussion. You and Laura have your issues . Do not make it mine. I am not attacking anyone. In fact I have been more ladylike than the blogging buddies of yours. I wish you all well. Go have a happy life. Life is too short. For someone who has called me an old lady you sure are interested in my life. I am not interested in your blog or you or your friends. I am trying to understand now why you feel it necessary to continue this discussion. If you remember You called me fat,old, and creepy. You are calling the shots in your world but not here. I have not done anything to intimidate you. You go on with your life. I will enjoy my life. I am an imperfect human being. Apparently you believe yourself to be the be all end all of all things. You have had people contact me on your behalf . You tell me not to discuss you and the other person. You do not have a right to tell me anything. You have called me names , Your friend has as well. I am not going to play games with either of you. You and a friend of mine have had issues. We also have agreed to disagree about Susan Maria. That is fine. Disagree,stand on your head, dance a jig. Whatever. You accused me of spying on you. Nope not correct. I am capable of discerning what is positive or negative behavior. I am done with this and you and Melissa. Now feel free to skulk off to your corner of the dark nether regions with your pal. I am not interested in the foibles of you , your blog, Melissa or hers. This is the last comment I will post to you, and your cronies. Now I am telling you back off leave me alone . You know that I am not kidding with you people. I am done!

How come people on medication always think others need some? As Patti says, you do not like it? Do not read it. I know some have waaaaay too much free time but there must be other hobbies besides harrassing people’s blogs.

R U KIDDING ME? Hey pot, say hi to kettle. I am sorry crazy people follow Patti. But for certain people to tell you NOT not attack people on a Blog is hysterical. Hopefully she goes away so you can move on. Be yourself and ignore the crap my friend. You are too classy to keep responding. People thrive on you answering. You have always put yourself in God’s hands. Do so now and let others be judged later.

absolutely . I am done. God does not expect us to fight . He expects us to do what is right. I have been trying to be kind,so now that I am done I am leaving it in His hands. Trust in the Lord. He will provide.

It will be ok. I trust in Him.

okay so im going back to re-read all the drama. not once did you mention who ‘lady blogger’ is. but since she identified herself as beth and how she had an issue with laura it is easy to assume who it is. 😉 lady blogger could have been any one of a million people had she not identified herself. the attack on lady blogger was one vague post that would have been buried under stacks of other posts, or forgotten altogether, had lady blogger and crew not been stalking. that one post turned into the drama i see due to the cyber-bullying of the same person who now cries stop attacking me. very funny!

Wise words. I did not invite them, nor did I try to harm, chase them away . Now I asked nicely either be nice or go away. I am not going to let them bully me. Aside from the less pleasant issues I wish them well.

Oh Didi, you did not get the memo? The world revolves around her. She is the center of everything. She has all the rights to anything in the blogging and WLS world! And she said “Enough” so we all must jump to do her bidding! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Now it is just getting sad.

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