Posted on: December 19, 2010

I am so amazed at the wonderful friends I have.  I have many  fb friends, many  friends that I have been blessed with through the years   .

Each of those people are truly special, each has qualities that I find amazing.  Some are close by,some I have not seen in a long time, but I LOVE  so much.  I have some that I have not yet met physically, but speak to so often I know them so dearly.

I am grateful for each of them and for the opportunity to know them

One of them is a gal in England.  She is strong and funny, sweet and loving. Yet, she can be raucous and outrageous.

Sarah is amazing, she makes me laugh, and I would love to meet her when she comes to NY.      She is one of several of my pagan friends.  We differ in some things, again age, faiths, locations, but I would not trade her for the world.  She sure makes me laugh with her quick wit.   My English family would be pleased that I have friends back home so to speak.  My family may be all over the place,but family,friends and home are very important to each of us.

I would love to one day see Europe, visit England,Ireland,and Germany for certain. Those place are lovely, but   a friend is more lovely to me.    I read that Sarah may visit NY   and am so hoping to touch bases with her.  She is one pal I know that knows friendship can pass time,location, and faith.     I would love to be a little more like her  that red haired gal.

Sarah let me know when you are on your way….hugs from across the pond…..grammasrunamuck/Patti


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