Posted on: December 19, 2010

I am still quite sure that being nice to folks is the way I want to go. For my friends who have asked why I just tell the unhappy blogger that she should either take a long walk off a short pier, jump in front of a bus, tie her tongue in a knot, or to do something to herself beginning with a F.

Well although those are what some will do, for me I am just finding forgiveness suits me.  Anger,hostility,being cruel are an ugly way to live one’s life.  I find that letting God handle the hate etc is so much easier.  I am equally capable of verbal jousting, and have been a public speaker on several occasions.  I do not find it necessary to jump on the hate bandwagon. There is too much hate in this world as it is.

If I am to succeed in being a good person for the sake of honoring God, then ,I am going to have to keep being nice.  It takes a stronger individual not to retaliate in kind, my gramma would say. I hope that I am that strong person. I will keep casting bread on the water.   I want to be more kind in my actions and words.  It does not matter what the person thinks. What matters is how I feel about me, was I doing the right thing? Was I the best Patti I can be, or will I be any happier by being rude,cruel,or mean.   I think we all know the answer to that one.

Some people want to cause trauma in this world for their own reasons. Drama belongs on a stage, not in my life.

I wish you blessings, peace,love and the joy that freedom can bring.   grammasrunamuck/Patti


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