Posted on: December 19, 2010

I apologize to those of you who will read the comments of my unhappy blog reader as she seems to be an angry woman. Since I have not decided to be vicious in return, it seems to anger her more. blessings to all


5 Responses to "Comments"

Congratulations for learning the difference between “Public” and “Private”

You Madame, should be ashamed. The landfill is full of trash better than your behavior

I am very confused. Who is this “woman” harrassing you? I haver never met her, spoke to her, even thought of her. Yet she presumes to have a clue about us? She says she is not a “follower” yet spews comments by rote of nutcase. Her judgements and comments are laughable Patti. I know it is hard but immature, uneducated, parrots should be ignored. I do not delete. I let comments stand. But do not bother responding. Class is not understood by “guttersnipes”, lol.

oh CrazyCakes.
I have hobbies. Verbal sparring is just one of them. Thank you for providing.

I see you’re spending quite a good deal of time on this well!! hooray!!

And you have met me. You have thought of me.
You even acknowledged me in another comment.

Not above name calling, I see. You just called someone a nutcase.

Also…. my comments are mine… just so happens I think along the same lines of other people.

And CrazyCakes the First and CrazyCakes the Second… thanks for spending so much time on me 😀 I feel all warm and fuzzy!!!!!

Blessing to all from Bacchus!!!!!!!

haha! oh this makes my day. Where do these idiots come from Patti? My first reaction is to answer. But then I realize how sad and pathetic these people’s lives must be. I mean, we should try to help white trash not condemn it, right? A lack of intelligence, morals, and a decent vocabulary are not really their fault. Maybe they are bored? Maybe if they had friends and hobbies they could write their own blog and leave you alone? Not sure. But at least she gives us a good laugh. Nothing good on TV anyway.

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