Classical Music and More

Posted on: December 19, 2010


I love music, opera, classical, boogie woogie, rock n roll, classic rock, soft rock,oldies, jazz  music from the 1920s-on.

Bach,Beethoven,Brahms,Verdi, the Beatles, the Beachboys, Mozart,Handel, the Platters, the music of all eras is fantastic in my mind.For some reason Big Band is one of my favorites.

I absolutely do not like heavy metal, music that espouses hatred of police,  women, kids you name it. I am not into rap. It has rhythm but it has no melody,no harmony.  I like balance in almost everything.

Music has its highs,lows,of course its’ inbetween’s. I think Music with all of its inherent qualities is comparable to the lives we lead.

Music can be used to emote , love,caress the soul. Music can calm the savage beast,yet incite man to victory. Music  can heal, and I hope I receive that healing of mind,body and soul.

Music is the gift from God, that brings people together from all walks of life.  I pray that He unites us with His music,



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