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Posted on: December 18, 2010

Well today I have had a quiet day, with the exception of one of  the lady bloggers pals.   I wish you all well.  You want to throw rocks.   You judge my faith without knowledge of my intent or belief.    You do not have the right to judge me, I will not accept unacceptable behavior.  Yes I am morbidly obese. It runs in both sides of my family for generations.  I am an adult child of an alcoholic, who married an alcoholic.  I learned bad eating habits, and I am responsible for  my weight and my life.

I am breaking anonymity in order to show others that we can survive, and live.  I do not expect people to understand.  I also know that  some people will find my life boring, and tell me that I am fat.  Well obese is worse than fat. When a former fat person calls you fat with the disdain, and challenges your intellect you can choose to ignore them ,let go and let God.   I will not reciprocate to verbal abuse.  My life is too important to me to allow anyone to bring me down.

As for the lady blogger and her friend, I wish  them well, apparently the friend has made this her life’s  journey to chastise me.  Kudo’s for being a friend to the lady blogger.

Since you do not get anything I have blogged , I encourage you to stop casting stones, and just go your own way.

If I wanted an argument I could stand on a street corner and start one.  I live my life, speak up for what I believe in and try not to hurt others.  You can either take it or leave it.  I suggest that you leave it.    Your friend has asked me not to mention her, I am not mentioning her name.  Since you know very well what was posted on FB and on the page her friend owns the point is moot.  I do not have to prove anything to you or anyone else.

I do not hide behind my faith. I stand and proclaim my faith. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I am a child of God. I will not lower myself to the point you are trying to push me.

Now I ask  Mel to stop harassing me. Your comments can  be construed as harassment, this is not a venue to tell me how to worship, use my faith, or to allow you to do to me what you are trying to do.

I wish you well and consider it that I have told you to stop harassing me.  This is an open forum. I do not have to hide from you or anyone.  I have rights as well as anyone else.  By the way, this is a moderated blog.  I intend to use my rights to free speech, and do what I am here to do. Blog,learn and be kind.      Wishing you well.



2 Responses to "My Life my blog"

heh well since I read those pages i still have no idea what you’re referring too and since you refuse to site your references…. you’re just blowing steam.

“If I wanted an argument I could stand on a street corner and start one”

And by addressing it all in the first place, you are in fact, arguing.

And I get what you’re saying. You have planted your God flag on the moral high ground that you are better than anyone because you’re a child of God (and I grew up in the church, went to a Baptist college blahblahblah. I know all about it)

And for someone who has nothing to prove, you sure are working hard to prove something.

I’m not casting stones idly, I can back up every stone I toss with FACTS.

It is SAD you had to write this post. Not surprising, just sad. Ignore the nutjob and her minions Patti. It is NOT worth your time or energy. See, that is the problem with bullies, they are all really cowards. ANYONE stands up or does not cower and they do all that they know how to do, attack on a personal level. Just keep writng what you want. If anyone wants a real debate, that is great. If someone wants to cause trouble, move on.

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