Well Hi dee hoooo

Posted on: December 16, 2010

Thought I would pop in and let you all know that even tho  some blogging woman out there has decided I am not worth her time, she sure spends plenty of it ragging on my age, uncertainty about wls and my demeanor.  I never thought I was so important.

How can someone who has had wls simply suggest its ok to drink alcohol and party on?  I have been told that wls patients should avoid alcohol especially excessive use of it.  Not only is it a waste of carbs,but it is also a way to injure your challenged system.  This is the holiday season and people may want an occasional wine or drink. Ok, you choose yours I will choose mine.  Some folks will switch one addiction for another.  Wls is a tool once you have it it is hard to go back to where you were physically speaking.

I have had plenty of education regarding this surgery. Each program I have attended suggested  that people need to take care of their pouch. That means little or no alcohol, smoking is a no no, and not following your doctors advice a big no no.

I have been through the psych evaluations, education, counseling, discussion groups, and I really want whatever I decide to be the right thing for me.

I wish all people who have this surgery success, and will support their decision.  I also will support those who do not have this surgery.   I know several who have had failed roux n y, and lap procedures. In most cases those who really adhered to the program and it failed them no one seems to know why .

I will not treat anyone of any size  in a cruel manner. I will treat others as I wish to be treated.  I want to be proud of my behavior. I want my friends to have values that are respectful of others.

As for the blogging lady and her friends, well I can not change,control, cure, any of them. I am only responsible for my behavior.

I will not reciprocate the way she has by encouraging her followers to attack me, my blog,my decisions, or friends.  I will do what I believe is fair and kind.  Hopefully that will comfort someone. That is what friends do they stand up for each other, hold them through the storm of life, and not judge them.  We can judge behavior, not the person.     I will not bow to the pressure of the Blogger nor will I walk away from my friends.  United we can change the way the WLS and Weight loss community react to each other.

Thank you all for your support .  I am amazed at the folks response to my blog.   Thank You for the Kudos,     grammasrunamuck,patti


4 Responses to "Well Hi dee hoooo"

I have to say you are a hypocite.

you say ” not judge them”

however the entire post is judgemental about what WLS surgery people do!!!

But you start off with
“How can someone who has had wls simply suggest its ok to drink alcohol and party on?”

The Bible says more about hypocrisy than anything else.

“We can judge behavior, not the person.”
how are these different?

Continued judgement”
“As for the blogging lady and her friends, well I can not change,control, cure, any of them”
cured of what??????? What makes you an authority to judge why someone needs to be “Changed” “Controlled” or Cure”

Just because you have been “Educated” about WLS does not mean you have EXPERIENCE.
Just like everything else, there is a WORLD of difference between experience and Education. You can not know until you live it.

What gives you the right to talk about what WLS people can and can not do if you haven’t had it yourself?????

The Bible says more on hypocrisy than anything else.

(and before you shiver in your boots, this is not an attack this is pointing out you are wrong backed up by your own statements)

Several doctors in their EDUCATION seminars also say take Flintstones and eat calcium chews. Both are proven to not be good for WLS peoples.

you know, you should provide proof for you statements.

Give examples of where she is “ragging” you. I heard it doesn’t cut it.

Also, please give examples of where she is encouraging attacks?

Patti you are a very classy woman. You have no need to accept attacks just ignore the crazies dear. You saw what happened when I did not. I love you for your support and for defending me. Becuase you are a good person, on the inside. But certain people thrive on hurting others, surrounding themselves with sycophants, and are so bored and unhappy they have no idea how to function.
You write what you want. Ignore the haters. True discussion, comments, and even total dissagreement are FINE. Personal attacks by people who do not know you and are just following the lead of others are not.

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