Grammas Run Amuck

Posted on: December 16, 2010

Hello ,I am here to have some fun, help others and myself.
I have been encouraged to share my humor,love and respect with others who are living the life of a weight loss Diva.
Yes Diva with a capital D.
I have six wonderful if not vibrant grandkids. I am widowed almost four years and ready to restart the great voyage called life.
I want to enjoy every second of this life , and have decided to surround myself with wonderful folks like you.
I have hidden my wild side too long, and have decided that the only person I have to please now is me. I am, and always will be the kind of girl who loves people. I mean it when I say I love you , I really do.
Now for those who doubt me I have friends who will verify it. They may not always agree with me, but I always treat them with love. If they leave, some come back and are amazed that I a just plain me. No agenda, just honestly want to help and love folks.
My mom was a quiet woman, how she wound up with this girl,is beyond me. She tried to protect me, restrict me for my own good, but, I good daughter, that I am followed daddy’s footsteps. Poor Mom she did not have a chance,
As we get to know each other I hope you will feel loved, befriended and respected .
So for now my dear new friends, I hope you are enticed to come visit and read what I have to say.
Here is a clue…. Gramma’s RUN Amuck…..


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