Good Morning World

Posted on: December 16, 2010

Hi everyone,

Today it is snowing and of course the school bus forgot to stop. Gramma  has been reffing the game called… Time for School.   It entails, snow boots,gloves,mittens, hats, jackets, cranky kids and a sick dad of 2 of the kids.

This morning the first bus picked up for the high school . The same driver passed by for the second pick up of 4 kids. Which kid is the crankiest?  Well I guess she will be cranky all day.    I swear this is stressful.   How do I get through it?   Smile ,breathe, try to be calm.  It is not easy.   I love these kids, and their parents too.  So, I will keep at it.

I liken it to weight loss. grin and keep going.  I feel like if I slow down even for a minute that I will get stuck and not go forward.   For the last week or so I am up 5 lbs. I know I am holding water, and my tummy is not right.   So now I have to fix it. I need to get back to eating on time, watching the salt, cutting  out diet soda too.  I need to add more veggies, and get with the   program.   It works for me.

I have to remember that when I do not feel well the body holds the weight.   I need to re evaluate what I do and try to get some exercise.   I have been in pain for over a week with back issues.   There has to be a way around this.  I will find it if I have to . I know I have to.It is apparent that healing the body whether we have wls or not.  I know that the chiropractor is in my future.  I found my chiropractor after a car accident damaged the disks in my neck and back.  Health and pain management are important to those who want to get healthy and thin.

Well friends this gramma has to run amuck in the world to take the kids to school.   Pain, aggravation, screaming kids, nothing will keep this gramma from her assigned route.   So smile think of me, the grammasrunamuck lady in the red dodge van….with kids in tow….


2 Responses to "Good Morning World"

I am so very happy you started a Blog. You have so much to share and say. I think Americans ignore the advice of a Mature Generation. Many other cultures revere it. I guess I will have to get used to sharing my daily dose of Patti Advice and Love with the world! Keep it up.

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