Forgiveness the right path for me

Posted on: December 16, 2010

Today I find that I have been attacked by another blogger.  I can only say that this woman must not have much in her life if she is attacking me.  I have been told that she is attacking me with regard to my age, intellect, and the fact that I am sitting on the fence regarding   wls.  For those of you who are unsure,   wls is   weightloss surgery. Commonly roux ny ,gastric bypass, lapband.

I have attended school for nursing, have been an emt, was ready for wls 6 yrs ago when the program closed one week before my scheduled surgery. I have attended classes, seen specialists, dieticians,spoken to people who have had the surgery,some happy and some who regret it.   WLS   is a tool, it is not a cure. What is wrong with me learning more about this  dangerous,possible lifesaving surgery?    God I pray this woman gets a life.   I would suggest that anyone who plans on having any surgery check out each option before deciding a life changing plan is for them.

I do not understand how this 56 yr old woman, gramma, widow with disabilities could be a threat to this woman , who has a fairly good following on the net.   I am truly sad for her, and will not stoop to her level of mud throwing.  I absolutely love my fb friends, and those wonderful friends on, they make my day worth the effort.

So other blogger , I pray for you  that you will not feel threatened,fearful, or antagonistic.  Life is too short. I do not wish to engage with you ,or anyone who has anything to do with you that attacks me or my friends. I wish you well.

Patti, aka grammasrunamuck


4 Responses to "Forgiveness the right path for me"

Dear Beth , I ask that you stop calling me fat, old etc. Whatever you and Laura have going on is not my problem. My problem is you calling me names. I wish you well, May God bless you. Please know that I am exerting my rights to free speech. Let your friends know that I also am versed in my rights, and will protect them.

And you know you yoursellf identify yourself constantly as a grandmother and considering weightloss surgery.

Only fat people who are fat need weightloss surgery.

And ive never really encoumtered a young grandmother.

Wow Patti that took all of 10 minutes, LOL. You forgot no one else is allowed to post, express opinions, have ideas, disagree, etc. Did you get the memo? Ignore it classy lady. Remember, when you step in crap, just scrape it off with a stick and throw it away. Useless crap is not worth your time.

I am getting a lot of stress. I am here to talk about weight loss and hear what others have learned. I really appreciated Michelle’s insights. I wanted everyone to know that there are nice folks out there who follow the blog the lady blogger writes. How often the written word is unclear about our intentions.
I hope to share my thoughts on how weight and weightloss are changing my life for the better or not. So far the negatives of blogging have been an issue. That is partly my fault for mentioning the attack from the lady blogger . I did not appreciate being called ,fat,old or creepy. Having a friend not Laura by the way share a screen shot with me since I was being attacked was not fun. Hearing the Lady Blogger make fun of me was not fun. I never did more than call her blog a melting pot of horror as I was reading as a member and follower that she was calling others names. Sometimes it was Susan Maria Leach or anyone who dared to disagree. I can not understand how a former obese person could do that. Nor can I get through my head the disgust in her attacks toward me. I am a grandma have been for almost 17 yrs, I am almost 57 you figure the math. I am not creepy for looking at wls blogs. I was supposed to have the surgery. The program closed a week before my scheduled surgery. The classes, tests, program requirements including the support groups were filled. Of course I have doubts. 3 people I went to group with died. They died from complications. I go to the groups so that I can see how people are fairing, in the hopes that their success would alleviate my concerns. That is not creepy.
My desire here is that I will share my life and experiences with others who may be going through the same things in their lives.
I truly thank you and Michelle for caring enough to write. Cyber Hugs, Best wishes for a blessed Christmas.


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